Senior Open 2014

Bernhard Langer at the 18th British Seniors Open






I must begin by confessing a certain pride that this prestigious Championship was being held in my homeland. The general opinion was that the event was a huge success and no doubt the debate will now gain pace as to whether Porthcawl has the capability of hosting an even bigger tournament in the form of the Open Championship. Everyone was particularly thankful that the weather was so good – in direct contrast to the monsoon conditions that we experienced at the Wales Senior Open at the same venue last year.

By now you will be aware that the incomparable Bernhard Langer destroyed the remainder of the field to win by a record margin. Now here’s a thought, probably from left field, but I just wonder whether Herr Langer could feature in the Ryder Cup as a captain’s pick? Now we all know it won’t happen but he’s certainly a man the USA team would fear, he has a winning mentality, his toughness as a competitor is renowned and of course he’s also in magnificent form. So why not? (Answers on a postcard to Paul McGinley please!!)

From a Logos perspective, the week proved to be a qualified success. It began with a ‘Tales from the Tour’ event where golfers Fred Funk, Anders Forsbrand and Mike Goodes outlined the importance of their Christian faith to an audience of some 130 people who heard the message loud and clear. That same day I witnessed Chris Williams come through final qualifying  but there wasn’t such good news for either Hendrik Buhrmann or Steve Cipa who both made their way home before the main action began.

Attendance at the Wednesday Bible study was somewhat disappointing despite contact being made with the known Christian players and others who might have had some interest in attending. Potentially, we could have seen 15 or so players/caddies there, but the reality was a count of 2 players and 1 caddy. Perhaps the fact that so many players were not staying in Porthcawl itself was something of a hindrance?

My next involvement on the Senior Tour will be at the English Senior Open in Darlington in August – thank you again for your support.

Allan Gray, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain the Senior Tour

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