Logos on Tour @ Italian Open Turin & Glagorm Northern Ireland

Italian Open Turin August 26 – 28Hennie Otto

A quiet week in Turin …. This was the location of our first meeting four years ago on the tour along with Hennie and Co, so it always holds a bit of a special place … We met up again this week and it was good to hear how things were with Hennie and the two operations on his back and great too see his passion for Jesus is four years stronger, there’s no compromising with Hennie

The week was uneventful, but there were two interesting little instances; our old caddy friend, was waxing lyrical as only he can, about the world and its obsession with possessions and money and I pointed out to him Matthew 6:24 about being devoted to either God or money. This I know he will be telling all and sundry about this when he holds court amongst the players and caddies, as he does … It is quite amusing to see him telling forth Gods word [whilst claiming all the wisdom of its truth], reminds you of how God would use those who didn’t know him to fulfil His purposes e.g. Cyrus and such like …

Also, on the Survey day I wandered onto the range at 6.30am to be greeted by the another caddie, who proceeded to show me a photo he’d taken with his phone, which was of Philippians 4: 6-7 “do not worry …” and he asked how can you do this? So it was good to explain to him who the Prince of Peace was … Every little opening counts ….

Galgorm Castle Challenge Tour North Ireland OpenMichael Hoey

Lots of tour players were at Galgorm this week and so I crossed the road and called in Friday and Saturday too meet up with the SA believer Jake Roos who is still looking good to qualify for the main tour next year … I also seen a few others and one interesting contact is the person who caddied for Jake, Mark McGowan, whom I have come across here and there over the last twenty years, he’s a PGA pro that I played alongside a couple of times and bumped into again in Cork at the Irish Open and he is keen to do some caddying on the tour and is going to Switzerland next week just to show his face and I shall meet him at Geneva airport and travel to Crans Montana with him, so do please pray over this Godincidence …

These little happenings always remind me of Ruth 2:3 “ .. as it turned out ..” when she just so happened to turn into the field of Boaz, leading to the genealogy of Jesse, David and ultimately Jesus ….

Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour


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