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A Tale of Two Caddies
With all the pomp and splendour that is Abu Dhabi, and its claim of, “Understated Luxury” for the tourist, the absurdity of that always makes me smile when you look around you; 7-star hotels, a clubhouse you could fit a golf course into etc .. In among all that it was good to have a couple of long chats with our two caddies that I mentioned often last season ….
The first caddie I met up with last year and we had numerous chats, he was in full flow, he of the ducking and diving attribute whereby he gets his bit in and then flees before having to hear anything that anyone else might contribute, he has it to an art form … There are occasions though when he does linger, generally because he thinks his point is strong, and we had one of these times on the putting green this week …. He reckons he has the “ear” of God, and how do I know he doesn’t?  We were able to dwell on the many references to how we see the Spirit in the child of God and how you can’t and can see faith …. A good time, where he listened!

Rory McIlroy at Abu Dhadi

The second caddie,” he of the God, Jesus don’t exist party”, yet talks about them all during his conversation, really should record this sometime so he can hear himself, then again he’d probably deny it was him … Whereas Julian knows God is there, Reggie says the opposite and they are at opposite spectrums and yet both far from God … still, two more likeable and congenial people you couldn’t meet, despite the disparity in our chats we always leave with smiles and a promise for another time … Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see these two men saved!  Do keep praying for them …

“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. “Romans 10:17
Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour
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