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February Newsletter

Dear Friends
There aren’t many weeks when a winner on the PGA Tour or the European Tour, when interviewed, doesn’t talk about how he managed to “stay patient” during the crucial last round of the tournament. Not running ahead of the present moment in one’s mind and not trying to unduly force the issue or play is often good and wise practice on the golf course.
Whether we’re a tour player or a high handicap amateur one simple truth about golf is the same for us all: we can only play one shot and one hole at a time, and so that is the one we must give our best attention to.
In the Bible, God declares Himself to be a patient God, slow to anger, abounding in love and compassion. He is endowed with a calm endurance or perseverance under provocation and opposition. This wonderful characteristic of God is therefore not just an abstract feature of His nature but it is intensely practical. Linked to his mercy, grace and kindness, God’s patience is directed towards His creation and, in particular, rebellious men and women, boys and girls. His patience means a withholding of judgement and punishment so that we might turn back to Him and be forgiven, by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s provision for our rescue.
And because patience is part of God’s goodness we too are called to be patient. I don’t know about you but I find that difficult enough on the golf course, let alone in life generally (when it is so much more important!).Whilst anticipating what might happen in the future is not in itself unhelpful, over-absorption with execution of our own plan can lead to our downfall. God is concerned about NOW and how we act, speak and live at each moment in our lives, and we should have the same concern, rather than running ahead and seeking to engineer the end or result that we desire.
Just as a golfer can play only one shot/one hole at a time so we can only live one moment/one day at a time – and that should therefore get our best attention and determination to trust, serve and honour the God who made us and died for us on a cross. A moment by moment trust in our Saviour to fulfil His promises and purposes in our lives at His chosen time is what is best for us.
Patience is a lovely aspect of those displaying the fruit of the Spirit in their lives isn’t it? This golf season let our confidence be that the Lord will soon fulfil His purposes for our good and His glory. And maybe we can get better at “staying patient” on the golf course too!

“The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.” (Exodus 34: 6)
“You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.” (James 5: 8)
Mark Pinney
LOGOS Scotland Golf Day
On the 27th of March LOGOS Golf Ministries are hosting a Scotland
Golf day. The event is being held at Dalmahoy Golf Club (West
The day consists of tea/coffee and bacon rolls on arrival followed by a 3 course golfers high tea. The cost of the event is £40.
To book your place or for further details please contact Vincent Brown on vb@logosgolfministries.com
Brief Update
We hear from Mark Pinney about the many opportunities LOGOS has had to share the Gospel over the last few months…
March is almost here and the golf season proper is only just round the corner; blink and it will be Easter and then the Masters!
Nonetheless, there have been all sorts of things going on in golf ministry over the winter months and the first couple of months of the LOGOS Golf Ministries year has involved a variety of activity and Gospel opportunities. Tour events have been attended as far away as Abu Dhabi and South Africa with bible studies for players and others in temperatures we in the UK were only dreaming of.
At the same time there was an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus at a golf club in Bedfordshire on a cold Saturday evening in mid-January.
We enjoyed a meeting with our friends and valued partners at SPORTS MARKETING SURVEYS INC in order to help plan our attendance at European Tour events for the rest of this year and into 2016.
Alongside the tour work, our ongoing work of meeting some of our fellow believers in Christ who serve Him as professionals in clubs around the UK has meant some super chats, discussion and prayers over coffee in clubhouses and homes.
No doubt there have been lots of conversations too amongst individual golfers as we have tried to keep warm while walking the fairways (and rough). We pray that these, often apparently insignificant, openings for sharing our Christian faith will be used by the Lord to bring golfing friends and contacts to know the Saviour.
Please do let us know of anything you’ve been up to that would encourage, and perhaps challenge, others to serve the Lord Jesus through their golf.
Could you recommend a friend?

We would love to see more people using their love of golf to share the great news of the Gospel with their non-Christian friends.
Do you play with other Christians, have Christian golfers in your church or are part of a Christian Golf Society and know Christian golfers who do not receive our newsletter? If so we would love you to encourage them to sign up to receive our newsletter and other updates.
All they need to do is email their details to the office on office@logosgolfministries.com and we will add them
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