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Shenzhen International China

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Shenzhen International China April 13 – 19

In China there’s; NO Facebook, Twitter, Google or You-Tube … What do the kids and teenagers do?  What we used to do before they were invented I guess …
A perturbing situation cropped up with a SA caddie I’ve mentioned recently .. he caddies for Eduardo Molinari here on the Tour, his player was disqualified this week due to the caddy hopping onto a buggy for a few yards before jumping off after another caddy said that neither players nor caddies were allowed to ride on buggies except when they were provided officially … A referee was called and it all blew over as all agreed it was unintentional and for just a few yards so no advantage was gained … But, the next day one of the other caddies in the group reported it again and then the official took the action that meant the player had to be disqualified as he’d signed for a wrong score, as this action would have incurred a two shot penalty … Once this had all happened Molinari sacked his caddy, so he’s in China for two weeks and out of work now … Him and I had a good chat/study and prayer on Friday and he had been wondering just what God has been wanting him to do, even before this incident … He has arranged to come to the UK along with his wife for the summer but now no job and they are also keen to start a family and he  has never been happy looking to do so with him going to be away so much, so it’s a crossroads time for him .. Do remember him and he text me today to say he had gone home instead of staying on for Shanghai next week …

I also had a little one to one with JB Kruger, never the easiest person to tie down, so that was good …
Outside of that things have been a bit quiet, which is when I always remind myself that if I wasn’t here nothing at all would happen, so when here there is always the possibility, for you just never know the second when God will move …
1 Samuel 30:6
” … David encouraged himself in the Lord”

We go on to the China Open this week in Shanghai and now that my Chinese vocabulary has stretched to three words I’m almost a local  … Keep praying

Ken Revie, LOGOS Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour

Ken Revie LOGOS Chaplain
Ken Revie
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