Portpatrick Pro-Am 9th May 2015

Of all the events on the calendar this was the one I was not looking forward to, mainly due to the drive there and back. A total of 4.5 hours driving time which is not great, especially when you need to play 30 minutes after arrival and then try to stay awake on the road home after 18 holes. It was however a beautiful day and the view to Ireland from the 13th tee was almost worth the trip itself.

The team I was allocated were a group of builders from Stranraer and the swearing and cursing were part of the vocabulary most of the way round but they were not a bad bunch. When I mentioned Logos there was a couple of quiet holes to follow but I think they forgot about it by the back 9 and carried on with their usual conversation. Not much came from the round and the team left right away due to a night out planned for that evening so that left me to hand in the scores and see if there was anyone about to converse with.

I noticed one of the Pro’s I spoke to last week was talking with some of the other Pros outside the shop and went over to say hello. He referred to me as ‘The Reverend’ which I suppose is quite funny when you think about it and sums up his humour. At least he knows where I’m coming from and no doubt will stick in his mind for future meetings. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and most of the guys were trying to find out if they were having to stay for the prizegiving or could head home due to a number of team scores being on the mark of top 5 teams. I left them to it as I could see they were pre-occupied with this and at that time of the evening most of the guys are just thinking about getting home unless they were staying the night, which very few pros do.

As I walked through the bar of the clubhouse I noticed my old boss, Dalmahoy Director of Golf, Alan Tait, As he was still sitting with his team we could only manage a short conversation but was good to make contact with him again and he seemed keen for us to meet soon for a few holes and lunch whenever we could. I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to have a more in depth chat so we are going to try and meet before the end of May and this will also give me an opportunity to look at times and dates for the next Logos Scotland Golf Day at Dalmahoy later on this year.

Overall a very quiet day for sharing with not much opportunity, but I was glad I saw Alan in person and will look forward to our meeting soon.

Please pray for this meeting and other opportunities I have with the Pro’s and others I meet in my walk.

In his service

Vincent Brown, PGA Professional, Logos Golf Ministries on the Tartan Tour