Scottish PGA Championship – Gleneagles (3rd -6th May 2015)

Scottish PGA Championship – Gleneagles (3rd -6th May 2015)

It was a strange feeling traveling to Gleneagles as 1st reserve for this event as I wasn’t sure what time I was going out or even if I would get to play at all. A bit unsettling if I’m being honest, but I remembered the main reason for attending the event and the greater purpose that goes beyond Golf. That really put things in perspective.

As I arrived at the resort the weather was not good and I could see that nobody was hitting balls or on any of the courses which meant that play more than likely had been suspended. After checking with the tournament office, there was a 2 hour delay due to course flooding and the rain did not look like going off. This gave me a chance to head to the Dormy House to see if any of the players were hanging about and to my surprise there were not that many players there. It turned out the PGA had updated the website quite early on which alerted many players to the delay, which in turn prevented them from traveling until they had an idea if play was going to happen.

I looked round and the only 2 players I recognized were so I made my way over and had a coffee with them. I have known one of them for a number of years and used to work with him at Westerwood when we were both assistant pros. The other pro I had only met once before during a practice round but felt we made a good connection and he was happy to converse with me, even when I briefly mentioned what I was doing with Logos. He seemed more interested in my family life with the foster children we had taken on and this led to him sharing some details regarding his family. Later when chatting to the other pro he also shared some details on his family, it is clear both these guys have situations in their family life. Very sad and I sympathized but how could I help these guys? I realized I couldn’t really do or say anything there and then but just needed to pray for both of them going forward as God can change any situation if we let him work through us. I just need to make myself available for the next time we speak and if they want to share more then I’ll be there to listen and maybe God can speak to them through me.

We were all of the same view that play would not go ahead that day due to the continued rain but had to wait on the PGA update before anyone could leave.

Play was eventually cancelled for that day and the plan was to return the next day for a reduced 54 event. I still did not know if I was playing yet as there were no withdrawals on the first day and the PGA said I should come up as 1st reserve normally gets in, especially with a change in format due to weather.

The second day was completely different from the first day. Everyone was buzzing about and practice range was full but it was very difficult to pin anyone down for a chat as they all just wanted to get out there and play. I bumped into a pro (who I met at Creiff) again as I was leaving the range and he asked me if I had a place in the tournament yet to which I replied, ‘Not yet!’ This was around lunchtime and the chance of me playing now was quite slim. He seemed genuinely disappointed that nobody had withdrawn so I could play which was nice of him but I wished him good fortune on his round and said I’d catch up with him another time for a proper chat.

I left Gleneagles on the second day at 1pm with no slot in the tournament and I questioned just how much use I had been there. I hadn’t had many chats over two days and I was ready play and have the chance to share with my playing partners but to no avail.

Could I have done more?

Driving home it became clear that even if we are prepared and not used it is always better than not being prepared and sometimes just listening to someone shows that you care and can provide a future opportunity for sharing. The truth is we never know just how much God is using us and trusting that he knows best is the key (Leaning not on our own understanding). Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In his service,

Vincent Brown, PGA Professional, Logos Golf Ministries