Crieff Golf Course

Scottish PGA Championship Qualifier – Crieff – 21/4/15

The Scottish PGA qualifying event at Crieff Golf Club was met with a beautiful day of sunshine and blue sky in the heart of Scotland. Unfortunately, my day did not start well with the house smoke alarm beeping at 5.30am to wake the whole house! (Actually I woke the whole house trying to fix it if I’m being honest).

I had something of a Krypton Factor moment trying to open it and get the old battery out and found myself becoming more and more frustrated as I was struggling to complete the task. To top this off, my car had a coolant leak and I began to worry about getting my car to Crieff at all, but my father (who was a mechanic by trade) assured me it would be ok for that day as long as it was just a small drip and I kept it topped up with water. It worked!

By the time I got to Crieff I felt things were still working against me as although I was on the sheet under Logos Golf Ministries, they still announced me as representing Palacerigg?? It turned out the starter had the sheets printed out from earlier that week and the PGA head office had not updated the change until the middle of the week. By the time I finished the 3rd hole I was 4 over par and had to stop and have a moment to myself. As I prayed quietly for peace and direction these words came to me instantly – ‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get on with it, don’t give in!’

Right away I was calmed and I stopped thinking about why everything seemed to be going wrong. I then got into a conversation with one of my playing partners. Immediately there was an opening to share about my faith which just goes to show how God can work when you least expect it. During our round we shared quite a bit and I found out that his family were Christians who attended church every week and my understanding was that he struggled with this when he was younger. When I was sharing to him about Logos and the role I was doing, he commented, “So you’re quite religious then?” to which I replied that I didn’t see myself as religious but as a Christian. This reply made him think a bit and once we finshed our round we had a good chat in the lounge about life in general which was good to consolidate a new friendship. I got to share the mistakes I have made and where I am now and definitely got the impression this would not be the last time we would discuss God and faith.

During our chat I realized I see a lot of my younger self in him and know that God has placed him in my path for a purpose. Please pray for our next meeting and what God may have for him going forward.

Your probably wanting to know how I got on after being 4 over after 3 holes. Well, I finished 7 over for the round which is normally not a great score, but the main thing was that I kept going and didn’t resign myself to not qualifying. The scores that day were unusually high due to very difficult greens and this put me in the first reserve slot which I was not expecting. If I had been 1 shot worse I would have been 10th reserve which would have no chance of getting in so I am glad that I pressed on and kept going. It is so easy to give in when all looks lost and things seem to be working against us but it is comforting to know God is always at work even when nothing seems to be going right and he can turn any situation to work for his good.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries, Scotland
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