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Scottish Professional Stableford at West Kilbride

West Kilbride Pros Stableford – 14/4/15

My first outing on behalf of Logos was met with a very damp and windswept West Kilbride Golf Club. The first problem I had was that the PGA hadn’t changed my attachment yet on the database so when I checked in it was still showing as my previous attachment of Palacerigg Family Golf Centre. I had asked for this to be amended before being called on the tee but the answer was “We’ll have to announce you as you are on the sheet.”. I. didn’t let it bother me but felt this could have been done quite easily!
I bumped into a couple of old friends, while I had a coffee in the lounge. One of my friends told me that one of the other professionals, had just lost his father rather suddenly and that’s why he was not at this event. My friend seemed to be questioning life in general which is not normally like him, and I was just about to see an opening to share with him when he quickly excused himself to hit some balls. Obviously not the right time to share just yet for him but I do see a future conversation and will pray for that.

As I was on the range another professional was asking me about my family life and exactly what I was doing now as he hadn’t seen me for quite a while. When I mentioned about Logos he simply nodded his head and went back to hitting balls. It was obviously a subject he did not want to get into at that moment so I didn’t push it.

I played with a young professional from Gleneagles, during our round Logos came up and he seemed quite intrigued but again got the impression that he did not want to get too much into the conversation while playing. I was looking forward to having a proper chat with him after the round but sadly he had to withdraw at the 16th hole due to a lingering back problem and I didn’t see him when I finished. I noticed recently that he has withdrawn from a few events which most likely means his back is still not great so would be good if you could remember him in your prayers.

As I drove home the 3 people in my mind were the professionals I had met today and those who are questioning, grieving or unwell. I pray for future contact with these guys and the right situations to present themselves. I thank all of you for your prayers and support for Logos Golf Ministries Scotland going forward.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries.