West Dumbartonshire Council Pro-Am (Dalmuir-23/5/2015)


We always seem to get a good day for this Pro-am and I don’t recall ever playing here without the sun shining. A good date in the year and even though our summer has not got underway, the temperatures hit the mid 70’s!

Due to Dalmuir being a public course there is no practice ground, no putting green and no official clubhouse, only a small café which served the meals before and after play. The meals are very good though and despite the small area the logistics seem to work every year. Not the best venue for sitting down and chatting as no lounge areas but a couple of conversations out on the course were productive.

My playing partners were a group of members, who were quite handy golfers playing off handicaps of 10, 7 & 1 respectively. A good standard which led to a competitive round and a chance of a team prize for them. The lowest handicap of the three and I found myself chatting mostly to him. He seemed interested in my family life and when I mentioned about Logos he stated, “Yes, I saw that on the entry sheet, what does that involve?” This gave me an opportunity to share a bit but I’m not sure how interested he really was as he never mentioned it for the rest of the round. Hopefully a seed sown though and something for him to think about.

There was a bit of a hold up at the 2nd tee due to a blind tee-shot which gave me the chance to chat to a Pro at The Carrick. He was with the group behind us and we had to wait about 15 minutes for the green flag to be raised, so as I hadn’t spoke to him much over the last few years this gave me a chance to converse briefly and he invited me to come to the Carrick for a game when I had the chance. A good opportunity and another relationship built on which is all part of the process. A step at a time and trusting God for guidance in these future opportunities is key and I know this will be a big part of my role this year.

After the round we all had our meal in the café and although we played reasonably well it was a day where ‘nearly’ was a good description. The team finished one shot away from the prizes and I finished one shot away from a cheque, but when we looked back at it, there wasn’t much more we could have done and everyone enjoyed their day hitting their fair share of good golf shots. One of my team asked if I was coming back to play next year as he hoped to see me again playing with them. Another future opportunity?

Please pray for the opportunities that will come from this event and many thanks for your support.

In his service,

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries on the Tartan Tour