Belleisle golf course

Belleisle Pro-Am & Bathgate Pro-Am (25/6-27/6/2015)

I thought it best to condense these two Pro-Ams into one report as they were very close together and saves two separate reports being sent so close to each other. Two very different days this starts with a very wet day in Ayrshire.

Belleisle is a very open playable course which has been in the process of a Clubhouse reconstruction for years. Still not completed, we get to use one of the hotels in town for our meal afterwards which is nice and very sociable, good for chatting.

As we started at 9.30am the rain began as hit my first shot and never went off till the 14th. As you can imagine it was not a very enjoyable front 9 but the guys I played with were a pleasant bunch of Solicitors & Surveyors, fancy that. Bill, Matt & Julian were on a golf holiday with their respective firms and part of a larger group of 30 who tie in the Pro-Am on their golf tour of Ayrshire each year. They all came from the North East of England and commented on what beautiful golfing country we have here. The golf we all played was fair despite the weather and because we were trying to keep dry most of the way round there wasn’t much time for chit-chat on the course. Towards the end of the round as the rain stopped, Julian asked me more about Logos as my attachment as I briefly mentioned it to the team on the 1st tee. He seemed interested there were people willing to go out on each tour sharing their faith and I could see he had been thinking about it but was just waiting for the right time to ask. As we finished the round and headed off to the hotel for lunch, the weather completely cleared up for the afternoon and I felt a bit hard done by as the afternoon guys were going to have it much easier and more pleasant. How unfair, as life and golf should always be fair don’t you think? I suppose it could have been worse, it could have rained all the way round!

At lunch, after we had dissected our round and put the world to rights, Bill then turned round to me and asked, “So explain a bit more about what Logos Golf Ministries does”. This is probably one of the few opportunities where you have your whole table listening to you sharing about your faith and your role within Scotland which was nice to have everyone listening and pleasantly surprised at what we do. But it was also good to reinforce what I’d said to Julian and I could see him nodding as I explained it again. Bill commented that he admired my conviction and wished me all the best with the ‘venture’, almost as if it was a business venture. Quite amusing I thought.

Overall, a very productive day and driving home I felt that seeds had been sown. Only God himself knows by how much and that’s where we leave the cultivation to him.

Logos on Tour at Bathgate

Arriving at Bathgate was the polar opposite to Belleisle. The Sun was out in force and showed no signs of going away for the day. As I was a last minute call up for this Pro-Am, I was out last which normally means a late dinner. They don’t do pre-orders here for dinner so whatever is left is what you get.

My team was from the Edinburgh Scaffolding business and was slightly different company than the team from Belleisle. Kevin, Craig & Graham were happy to be playing a good course which led me to believe they normally played public courses. I got a chance to explain what Logos was all about on the first tee as the starter there asked me to pronounce it a couple of times and said that he had never heard of anything like that before but seemed agreeable to the concept.

The guys enjoyed a fair bit of banter with each other or the other words for it would be slagging each other off for poor shots. It was all in good fun though and we got on well despite the team not playing great. During the round and even at dinner there was nothing mentioned regarding what I explained on the first tee apart from Craig talking about the shooting in Tunisia and how religious groups can tolerate something like that. I mentioned that God would not condone anything like that and these groups are not of him or anything that he stands for. He said that it must be something evil in them that brainwashes them into thinking they are doing Gods work to which I agreed they are definitely led by evil.

After the meal it was approaching 8.30pm so everyone was keen to get home and as I said my goodbyes I realized that Craig would not be the only person there that day trying to make sense to the killings we see almost every other week in the name of religion. Even those of us who know the truth struggle with these issues so you can imagine how everyone else must toil with it. We need to keep looking to God and trusting that he is with us no matter what. This life is very short and temporary and he is the only rock in a very stormy and uncertain world.

Please pray for those in this report and the opportunities to come that God will work to bring about.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour


Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries, player on the Tartan Tour

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