EMTEC Masters 36 Hole ProAm Qualifying- Deer Park (9th July 2015)

Some of the Pro-Ams on the Tartan tour are 36 Hole events and these are linked in with the main order of merit events like the Northern Open and Scottish PGA Championship. This means there has to be a qualifying event for them as the field only consists of 50 players for each 36 hole Pro-Am. The EMTEC Deer Park Masters is one of these events.
logos on the tartan tour at Deer Park
Dalmahoy Game (8th July 2015)
Before I report on the qualifying round I will share what happened the previous day as I attended a meeting on behalf of Logos (Road Show) in Edinburgh. Originally I was not attending this meeting as I had plans to attend a different meeting in St. Andrews that week, but after speaking with Ken Revie he thought it would be more beneficial to attend the meeting in Edinburgh instead. With this in mind I received a call from an old friend, to see if I wanted to join him to play Dalmahoy on the Wednesday, which happened to be the same day as I was going to Edinburgh to attend the meeting. If I’m being honest, I probably would have made my apologies if I had not been going to Edinburgh that day but thought I should go as I was going over that way anyway and I hadn’t seen him for a while.

As we played round it was great to catch up with him, he is the type of guy who has a very happy, easy going nature so it was not a problem chatting most of the way round. About the 5th hole I just felt it was right to explain to him my ambassador role with Logos and he came across as very enthusiastic about it even though he is not really a religious person. I remember a long time ago, about 5 years, we were sitting in the bar having a couple of beers and the subject came up about religion. At that time back then I didn’t want to get into things too much but as I have mentioned on occasion even when I wasn’t going to church I always found it hard to understand people who didn’t believe in anything or that God existed at all and we just happened. During our conversation 5 years ago both of us agreed there was a higher force but he was not sure what it was and I did not want to go into detail much back then, but as we played round Dalmahoy I explained how I had embraced my faith more over the last couple of years and I definitely feel this sparked an interest in him. I know this meeting was not an accident and I look forward to seeing him more often this year as we agreed to keep in touch more going forward. It just goes to show how God can place you in a situation when there were no plans to be there originally and how he can work from 5 years ago to time things just right. I really should not be surprised as he created the universe and knows everything that is going to happen, but I still get amazed at how he works.

Logos Road Show in Edinburgh
I would also like to convey my thanks to Chris Smith from St. Paul’s & St. George’s Church in Edinburgh for welcoming us there that evening and allowing us to share our experiences with Logos which seemed to go down very well.

As I arrived at Deer Park the following day there were only 60 players playing for about 30 places in the Pro-Am. I suppose this should make it easier to qualify but sometimes when there are more spots it can make the players a bit lazy as they know the qualifying score will go up. In my head the score I had to beat was 5 over but I thought it was best to try to keep it to level just to be safe. When I got to the first tee my playing partners, were waiting for me. I am definitely feeling more middle-aged at 40 as my two playing partners were both very early 20’s and looked much fitter than me. Before I was introduced on the tee there was an opportunity to speak to both of them regarding my role as one of them asked where I was from and this led to me speaking for about 5 minutes to both of them about my family life, business interests and most important, Logos. I have never done it like that before and still not sure how it happened like that but it just seemed to role of the tongue and I just kept talking till we got announced. Both of them seemed to listen though and being announced as representing Logos hopefully reinforced what I had been talking about.

Both of the boys seemed to struggle round and I felt for them as they were good players who just seemed to be having a bad day but we still conversed despite their struggles. I encouraged one of them to keep going as he was right on the mark of 5 over but he seemed to think that would be too many.  When the round was done I was pleased with my play but bogeyed the last couple of holes for 2 over which was disappointing though comfortably qualified.  I think he is one of the reserves for the event as the qualifying score was 4 over so hopefully he may get a spot if there are any withdrawals. Not much hanging about at this qualifier with everyone leaving right after play and no prize giving to attend so a very quick day in Livingston, but I thank God for the recent two days in the Lothian’s and for the opportunities provided. I look forward to returning to Deer Park for the Masters Event in August and what he has for me there. Please pray for those mentioned in this report and what will come from these meetings.
In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
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