Logos on tour at the Challenge Tour

Le Vaudreil Golf Challenge (Normandy) – Challenge Tour

Another tournament in France, this time however, the travelling was not quite so smooth.   I’ve always thought that the Channel tunnel was such an easy way to get to France.  However, as you may have seen in the news, Operation Stack was in force this week.  This means that the M20 gets turned into a car park for lorries and cars use an alternative route.  This sounds great in theory, however the practice is a different thing!  A delay of two hours was followed by a smooth crossing!  Sometimes we are thankful to the Lord for His unusual provisions.  I’ve never thanked the Lord for sat nav until this week.  The French farmers are currently protesting about something and have decided to block a number of roads.  It is fair to say that without sat nav, I would never have got to my hotel.  I may have been late, but I had arrived safely!

Logos on Tour at the Challenge tour

I am not sure whether the potential travel problems put some players off entering the tournament, but it did seem that a number of the ‘usual’ Challenge tour players were missing.  The field had a large contingent of French players playing on a very pretty course.

It was good to meet former Ryder cup player, Phillip Price.  We have a mutual friend and so this was a great opportunity to talk to him about his future.  After many years, he has lost his main tour card.  He only plays in a few tournaments now and is unsure as to what the future holds.

As I was walking the course, I also had an unusual opportunity to talk to a couple of ex-pats who lived in the locality.  The conversation soon moved onto the best places to live – a lovely chance to speak about a far, far better place to come!

There are still some changes being made to the season so I’m not quite sure which tournament will be my next – watch this space as they say!!

Thank you for your prayers,

David Lewis
David Lewis Logos Golf Miinistries Chaplain to the Challenge

David Lewis, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the Challenge Tour

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