Logos on Tour at Scottish Open Qualfier

Scottish Open Qualifier – North Berwick 4th & 5th July 2015

I’ve always enjoyed playing the west course at North Berwick so was looking forward to this event even though there were only 5 spots up for grabs in a field of 144! As this is one of the more high profile events on the Scottish schedule a lot of good players were in attendance so I always knew qualifying was probably not on the cards but the main reason for being there was to share about Logos and I was not left disappointed.

Logos on Tour at the Scottish Open Qualifier at North Berwick

It was not a great morning as the rain was coming down quite heavy and having an early time of 7.39am did not prove advantageous. After playing only 4 holes we were called in due to course flooding and this led to a 2 hour wait until the course was playable again. It wasn’t till I was back out at the 5th hole that an opportunity came my way to share with my playing partners. This did not come about because of the attachment of Logos being announced on the 1st tee but mainly due to a follow on of explaining my family life and what I do on an average week. As I explained about Logos and my role within Scotland both seemed pleasantly surprised and this led to another quick chat with one of the Pro’s about half way round as I think he wondered how I fitted everything in especially with my family life. I did say it was a bit of a juggling act at times but it was what I felt led to do which left him nodding and thinking about it. After the round there was not much hanging around by anyone so I didn’t get to see them again for the rest of the event but they now know about Logos as previously they didn’t.

My Uncle has a caravan near North Berwick so I went up to see him and the rest of the family as they had come through that day and were spending a few days in the Area. Amazingly, another opportunity came to share with him and his daughters about my role which had a really positive response. Later on when we all had dinner in the town, his son in law, David, asked again about my attachment as I don’t think he heard the full conversation at the caravan, so this gave another chance to consolidate what we had talked about previously. In one day I was able to share with over 6 people who had not previously heard about Logos Golf Ministries and I was only half way through the event. I looked forward to the next day and even more opportunities.

As the second day pairings were done in score order I was playing with two different Pro’s. I didn’t get to share much with one of them during this round but halfway round the other one was asking me how Ricky Gray was as they have know each other for a while and he is aware of the work Ricky does with his church. It was good that he knows about my association and I remember Ricky telling me about this Pro and his belief. I pray that this could be an avenue for something more and I hope just knowing about my association could lead to a more in depth conversation some day.

After the round and just as I was about to leave the clubhouse I bumped into an old friend I had not seen for a while who works for Callaway but still plays in events as a PGA Pro and as we walked from the Clubhouse to the car park I shared everything I had been up to over the past couple of years, finishing off with my role within Logos. The result being that he was going to check out the Logos website to see what was happening throughout the whole network. Another great opportunity just before I was about to head home and just goes to show how God can work just when you think the day is over.
Overall a good couple of days and I look forward to what comes from these conversations. Please pray for those mentioned in this report.
In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Professional, on the Tartan Tour
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