The winner at Deer Park

EMTEC Masters 36 Hole ProAm- Deer Park 4th & 5th August 2015

green at deer park golf course

The 36 Hole Pro-am at Deer Park is a very well organized event and with over 100 teams involved it has to be. With a morning and afternoon shotgun start for both days, it is vital all groups keep moving and sometimes it can be more difficult than others depending on the standard of golfer. This Pro-am can have golfers who are not very experienced taking part and it is up to us as the Professionals to dictate the pace of play for the fourball. Patience and understanding is needed in great abundance but then again there are times when honesty is best.

On the 14th tee at the start of my first round, I met my team of Mike, Tom and Derek. Both Mike and Tom had not played for a while but Derek seemed to be the more experienced golfer of the group. As this was a shotgun event there is no announcing on the tee so the Pro’s take it on themselves to keep the team right with rules and format. I was able to explain to the group before we teed off about my role with logos and it was reinforced due to my logos logo ball! As the horn sounded the guys got ready to play and I watched as both Mike & Tom nearly missed there ball on the first swing. I know they said they had not played in a while but I was beginning to question exactly how long it had been. Most of the first few holes were spent trying to help the guys as much as I could but it got to the stage where I had to set a limit on the shot count as we were already falling behind the group in front. We then started to make up some ground and enjoy the day a bit better. I was waiting on some further discussion from the guys regarding my role and personal life but it never really transpired. Even after the round was over, Mike left straight away and Tom & Derek seemed to go missing for a half hour so found myself eating on my own when my colleagues came and sat beside me and we exchanged the usual pleasantries. With a score of 4 over (14 pars & 4 bogeys) and how the day had went, I was just looking forward to the next day and what lay ahead…

Back to the 14th tee for a 9am tee on day 2 and my team of Andrew, Jim and Alan were slightly more experienced than on Day 1. Andrew was a former Club Champion of Deer Park so it was good to have someone who knew the course well. Again, I was able to use my logo ball as a route to Logos and this was a conversation starter during our walk up our first hole. They guys were keen to know what else I was involved in and I shared my story regarding our foster children to which Alan commented that the life I had chosen must not be easy but he admired anyone who goes down that road. At first I thought he just meant it in regards to the children, but in some way I think he also meant the ministry. The round today definitely felt more relaxed than the previous day and I feel that a couple of relationships have been cultivated. We all ate together and chatted quite freely about many things. It is so easy to say that not much happened at this event but to quote Keith McIntosh, “More people know about logos today than they did yesterday”.

I am constantly reminded that being a Christian is not just about quoting verses or telling people about Christ. We are called to be like him and demonstrate our faith by our actions and how we treat others. I know I need to improve in that area and I urge all of us to do the same by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in our attitudes towards others even when we think things aren’t going the way they should.

(For those of you were wondering Day 2 score was 4 over again, 14 pars & 4 bogeys – what are the odds of the exact same card!!!)

In His Service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour


Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries, PGA Professional, on the Tartan Tour