Logos on Tour at Dumfries and Galloway

Kerr Investments 36 Hole Pro-Am Qualifying – Dumfries & Galloway 12th August 2015

 Kerr Investments 36 Hole Pro-Am Qualifying – Dumfries & Galloway  12th August 2015

Logos on Tour at DumfriesIt was an early start to this day as I was teeing off at 8am, so the alarm had to be set for 5.30am to make sure I got there with time to spare. Not much traffic on the roads due to the early start so a fairly easy journey and not many hold ups on the last half hour of country road. I had not been to Dumfries for at least 10 years so I was a bit sketchy of remembering exactly where the course was but I followed my instincts and the main road through the town which led me straight to it.
On arrival I bumped into a professional who I played with at the Northern Open. He was telling me how drained he felt as he had been playing quite a lot over the last few weeks and was looking forward to a break. It was good to catch up with him again and he was out right behind me so we spent a bit of time on the putting green together with general chit chat before playing and he was waiting as I was announced on the tee, so hopefully the Logos announcement had reminded him of what we had spoken about at Cruden Bay.
I was paired with a young local assistant. Right away we got chatting up the 1st Fairway and I was able to explain to him what Logos Golf Ministries was about before we finished the 2nd hole. His reaction was “Oh, right” and that was about it. He was very young and I think he was more concerned about his golf, but I understood that as I remember being that age when Christianity would be the last thing I wanted to talk about and that’s the impression I got from him. He played very well and apart from a couple of silly errors he struck me as a young player with a lot of potential and generally a nice lad. I wish him well in his career.
As I finished the round and handed my card in, I saw the professional (mentioned earlier) again as he was coming off the 18th. He was telling me how well he had played despite a couple of double bogeys to card a 72, which would almost guarantee him of qualifying. I congratulated him on qualifying and said I thought I was 1 shot too many with 75 to which he said “You should just get in with that, I hope you do anyway mate”. It was nice of him to say that and it was good to get an opportunity to cultivate this relationship again. No doubt we will bump into each other again and I pray more will come from it. (I was right though, 75 ended up being 1 shot too many!)

Driving home from these events gives me time to think and take stock from the day and I know God is at work taking the ministry forward step by step. Much more people in Scotland are now aware of Logos Golf Ministries and this is only the beginning of what God is going to do here. As we approach the last leg of the season I am excited to see what will happen before the year end as I anticipate some of the seeds that have been sown developing. Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for Gods will to come to fruition over the coming months for those he has chosen.

In His Service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour


Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
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