Czech Masters Prague August 25-27 2015

Logos on Tour at the Czech Masters

Czech Masters Prague August 25-27 2015

What an interesting week….

When I arrived on Tuesday at the course I bumped into this person then the next and the next, even though there wasn’t any spiritual input it was good to have some extended chats rather than the sound bites which is the norm… As BT used to say ‘it’s good too talk’ …..

The Tour has many people involved as part of the entourage and there are always one or two people who oversee the courtesy car/bus service that operates at each tournament.  There will be around 30-35 cars (beauties; BMWs, Mercedes) and the person doing this stretch of three events, I was asked that great old question of ‘what do you do here?’  Or in his language, ‘what’s your official role?’  I had an inkling he knew there was more …… Hennie, Jake and I had arranged for a bible study on the Wednesday in the players lounge at 1:30 and when I gave (the person the answer to the above question) he asked if he could come along >>> what a joy it is to be asked that question by a non believer … he had watched as his father die a slow death from cancer, who for you Formula 1 followers was, the winner the 1971 Italian Grand Prix, and the side note to that is it was the closest ever finish in a Grand Prix where he beat the famous Ronnie Peterson by one hundredth of a second … When His dad died, he was there at his side, he knew there had to be more than just this life – How right he is …

Jake couldn’t get to the study as he was called up to play in the Pro-Am at the last minute, but he and I did a 1-to-1 in the morning which was great, and so me, Hennie and the guy (mentioned above) duly met up at 1:30 …. A good time of honest sharing was had a he is going to look out the bible, which is ‘somewhere in his house,’ and start reading it …

Do pray for him …

The courtesy bus service also provided a good opportunity to share my role with one of the caddies, as we sat together in a crowded bus [40 minute journey] and started chatting about the previous nights football, he was, as a Rangers supporter, devastated Celtic had been knocked out in Europe?!  Anyway, after exploring all that he again asked ‘the question’ and interestingly he had some idea I did something more than when he had seen me on Survey day, folk must be talking, so do remember the caddies …

An encouraging week, and don’t we all need that ….

Romans 1:12
” .. That you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”

Ken Revie Logos Golf Ministries
Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour

Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour
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