Logos on the Tartan tour at Drumpellier

Drumpellier Pro-Am – Coatbridge 5/9/15

Logos on the tartan tour at Drumpellier

It’s been a while since I attended this Pro-Am and if I’m being honest I’ve never played particularly well round Drumpellier since a disappointing finish in the amateur Drumpellier Cup in 1995. I lost the trophy by a shot when I finished 2 over par for the last 2 holes of the 36 hole event, knowing I was leading with 2 holes to play. Not a great memory to have which even after 20 years still bothers me a little. Despite this I felt it was important to attend this event and right away God opened the doors for me.

I was the final game off that day so I had plenty of time to get there and have a decent warm up. As I approached the putting green I bumped into one of the Pro’s who I had spoken with at North Berwick. We had a practice putt together and chatted about our golf and how it gets harder to maintain the level of golf we expect play the older we get. He is about the same age as me, so as 40-somethings we are beginning to appreciate the body does not work the way it used to and we have to make allowances for that. We are both enjoying the chance to play competitively but still believe we have more to offer in our golf games and are not done just yet. I reinforced to him that I am fortunate to have the support of Logos which allows me to still play along with my ambassador role and he admitted that was a good situation to be in. It’s always good to consolidate a previous meeting and I have no doubt we will chat again.

Just as I was about to head to the 1st Tee I came across another Pro, we have come across each other from time to time over the past 5 years and he asked me what I had been doing with myself which gave me a great opportunity to share about my role with Logos. He seemed quite surprised and I’m not sure how much he took on board but at least I got to share with him and that’s the main thing. I wished him well but advised him to lose the beard.

My team in the Pro-Am consisted of a Ladies Team. On the 1st Tee I got speak to all of them about Logos as we had to wait on Brian’s group clearing the hole and Susan asked, “So your attached to Logo Golf Ministers – Is that to do with Logo Balls?” Again, it’s amazing how many people have never heard of anything like a ministry and thankfully the ladies were quite interested. As we played round we continued to chat both as a group and individually and despite not scoring well we had a great day and a fabulous meal together.

Individually, this is probably the worst I have played in an event so far and it can be quite frustrating not playing to the standard that I feel I should, but the only way to overcome an obstacle is to face it head on and work through it. I think I have finally put to rest the Demon of Drumpellier as God did not only open quite a few doors today, he taught me that every failure is a challenge waiting to be conquered and this has encouraged me to work a little bit harder on my golf game going forward. If I am representing God then I want to be the best I can be, and this means being physically fit as well continually thinking about my communication of his ministry. I know this will not be a quick process and I am just thankful that God is guiding me and teaching me and is always there to strengthen me just when I think there is not much left in the tank.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

In His Service,
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Professional on the Tartan Tour
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