Logos on tour at Dundonald

Dundonald 36 Hole Challenge (24 – 25/8/15)

Logos on the tartan tour

Dundonald 36 Hole Challenge – Dundonald (24 – 25/8/15)

The weather has been so unpredictable lately that you don’t know what to expect until you look out the window in the morning. The forecast for this event was heavy rain for both days and the result was not a single drop! Sun and blue sky were present for the entire event and this makes Dundonald a whole lot easier, especially playing from most of the back tees!

On the first day with my professional partners and shortly before heading to the tee I had realized the course guide was not in the car so was fortunate to come across a fellow professional who I met in the last event who just happened to a spare guide from a previous European Tour Qualifying event. I was very grateful as apparently the shop had ran out of course guides so I came across him at the right time to which he commented, “Happy to help you wee man”.

After we teed off and headed down the 1st hole, one of my playing partners asked me, “What’s Logo Golf all about then?”. He had obviously not heard the full announcement and only got part of it in his head. As I explained to him what the ministry does he had a funny look on his face to which I put his mind at ease saying I was not there to preach to my playing partners but there to talk to anyone who would like to know more about Christianity only if they wanted to. This seemed to put him at ease and during the round there was the odd question but nothing too in depth. Another seed planted and hopefully this can lead to more if we meet again. The other pro in our threesome had a very tough day and his head was down early on so it was difficult to get much conversation out of him. It’s always hard if someone in the group is having a nightmare on the course and I think the last thing he wanted was to chat.

On the second day I was paired with two different professionals. Both are very good players and I have played with them before so we all knew each other and this made for a good group as we all chatted quite a bit during the round. What was different in this group was that none of the guys mentioned anything about my attachment during the first 4 holes. This was quite uncommon and I thought I would leave it until the right opportunity came. This happened while walking up the 5th fairway when one of them asked me about my family life and how it was going, which then led to him asking what church I attended. He had obviously thought about the attachment but waited to ask me about it in a roundabout sort of way and this was just the right opener for what would happen over the next two holes. I never thought I would end up giving my testimony during a round of golf but that’s exactly what happened. By the time we had reached the 8th hole I had told him my story and as we carried on he would ask me more questions. An unbelievable opportunity and I think it showed him that I was still me but I just see my life and faith in a different way now. It made me laugh when one of the questions he asked was, “So does that mean your tee-total now?”. I responded by saying although I used to socialise a lot in the past I still have the odd beer or glass of wine and don’t over indulge anymore which inevitably leads to saying or doing something that is not in anyone’s best interest. He agreed with that and I think all round it made him look at things differently, especially his understanding of religion and faith.

Although the scoring could have been better at Dundonald I was glad I attended this event as originally I was not going to put it in the schedule. August has been a busy month and I know God is continually preparing the way for Logos Scotland one step at a time. I continually pray for his guidance and support and ask for him to keep placing the individuals in my path that are open to him and what he has for them.

“For I know the plans I have for you…….”

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries PGA professional on the Tartan Tour

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