Logos on tour at the challenge tour in Italy

EMC Challegene Italy & The Volopa Irish Challege– Challenge Tour

I thought it would be best to combine the last two events into one report.  The main reason for this is rain!  You would expect the weather to be glorious in Rome and wet in Ireland.  However the opposite was true.  The tournament in Rome was a virtual washout.  Play was delayed on most days due to the monsoon like conditions.  If you add the fact that the players had their own private lounge, it did not make for ideal conditions for a Chaplains work!  I managed to get a few snippets of conversations mainly with players that I have previously mentioned.  The main topic of conversation for everyone seemed to be the weather as we dodged from shelter to shelter!  It was just like being home in Wales!

Logos at the Challenge tour in Ireland

We were blessed with far better weather in Ireland and as a result greater opportunities.  In fact it was glorious.  I managed to speak to a few of the Welsh players again, Rhys Davies & his wife, Stuart Manley etc.  I also wanted to spend some time with Dean Burmester.  Ken knows him from the Sunshine tour events that he has covered.  Though I struggled to make contact with him, I walked the course with his wife and new-born baby.  This was a great opportunity to introduce myself to them. Whilst Dean’s golf was at times patchy, his new son was beautiful and his wife very welcoming.  Dean was playing with an Irish player and so there was a decent crowd following their game.  Dean was consistently 50 yards ahead of his playing partners off the tee this brought many comments from the following crowd.  Opportunities opened up for me as people wanted to know why someone from Wales was talking to, and following, a South African!  It was good to be able to share something of the work of Logos with this group.

The Challenge tour is now rapidly coming to a conclusion for 2015 with an event in China next week followed by the season finale at Oman.
I am hoping to be able to go the Qualifying school event near Barcelona again this year.  This takes place in November.

Thank you for your prayers,

David Lewis
David Lewis Logos Golf Miinistries Chaplain to the Challenge

David Lewis, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the Challenge Tour
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