Logos on tour at Musselburgh

Musselburgh 36 Hole Challenge (22-23rd September, 2015)

Musselburgh is one of the few Open Championship qualifying venues that I have not played and I have to say how surprised I was at how fair the course played. I suppose during The Open the rough would be grown up and tightened up a bit for the occasion but we found it to be very playable with not too much trouble about. A little gem of a course which reminded me of some courses in New Zealand such as The Aukland Golf Club and Shirley Golf Club, Christchurch. Also, the fact that a lot of the holes are tree-lined did give the feeling of an overseas venue.

On the first day I was paired with a young Assistant, and a former European Tour Player. A good three ball and all varied backgrounds. Early on in the round I got to talking with the former tour player and was able to share my family story as well as the Logos attachment which seemed to go down okay with him. I think he seemed more interested in the foster care story as he has three children of quite varied ages also, the last being a recent arrival. It was good to converse with someone of his experience and it was interesting to see just how a former European Tour Winner goes about his business first hand. A thoughtful and very calm man who I hope to come across again in my travels.

The young assistant on the other hand was the usual young exuberant player that we see often these days and although we chatted a little I don’t think he could get his head round the fact that my attachment was not a golf course. When he first asked me where I was attached and I explained about how Logos are a ministry based down south, he came back with, “But what course is that??” After further explanation of my previous attachments and then making the transition to Logos, I think I got there with him but he didn’t say anything else about it for the rest of the round so there is maybe still a question mark there for him. You never know, maybe it will stick in his head like a radio song that you sometimes just can’t shake off, here’s hoping.

Logos on Tour at Musselburgh The second day was quite different as I was paired just one other professional, just the two of us. Right away he apologised for his golf as he has just started playing a bit more recently due to contracting Lymes disease a few years back. Maybe some of you have heard to it but it was my first time of even knowing something like that existed. Apparently it is mainly contracted from Tick bites and affects the body strength and movement. It is one of the worst things you can get if you are quite active, especially in golf, and restricts a lot of the movements sportsmen make. He said he was quite lucky as he can still play golf and is continually building up his strength but some others are not so lucky with full-time care the only option. As we played round at quite a fair pace I did get to mention to him about my role in Scotland but I think he was more concerned about trying to get round the course in a reasonable manner, concentrating to make the movements he needed to make. I will be praying for him as well as the others in this report and his situation reinforces just how much we can take for granted, especially our health.

God gives us strength in all aspects of our life and according to his word he gives strength to our very bones i.e. physical healing. God can heal anything in our lives but we need to be open to it and have faith in what his word says. Whatever we have to go through in life we must appreciate what we have as there will always be someone who has a harder deal than our own personal situation. I thank God for what he has blessed me with and I pray I can use what he has given to me to further his ministry.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In His Service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golfministries professional on the tartan tour