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“Use your Eyes for Correct Aim”

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Use your Eyes”

When the well-respected Scottish Coach Bob Torrance, was asked what is required to be a top coach? His immediate answer was “A Good Eye”.
At a pre-season youth coaching week at La Cala Spain, we had group meetings to discuss various points relating to course management. The overall view from the players was that club selection and nap on the green presented difficulties. Making the correct club selection to avoid either being short or long of the green, and good nap judgement again avoiding the putts being 5 – 6 feet short or long, after hearing their remarks I suggested the following.

Due to La Cala golf courses, both the fairways and the greens being undulating, my advice to them was to “Use Your Eyes” put into your calculation the slopes, they tended to concentrate too much on which club to hit the green and the nap on the greens they had not seen the undulations, the ups and the downs.
Christy O’Conner snr, in a published article, when asked by a reporter on what single piece of advice would you give to golfers, which would improve their game, his answer was
“Use your Eyes”.

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Analysis of Correct Aiming

1. Body muscles produce the shot.
2. The body muscles receive their instructions and initiative from the brain.
3. The brain gets its inspiration through the eyes.

Therefore when aiming look attentively not only at the ball but also at the objective point, i.e. the hole or direction flag (“take dead aim” as Harvey Pennick always asked his pupils to do) so what the eye will register clearly on the mind the objective to be accomplished, then the mind will instruct the muscles what has to be done.
Many golfers give a casual glance at the direction of play, or area, they do not focus on a certain point within that direction or area.
It takes time for the eye to adjust its focus; the brain must concentrate on a certain thing if the eye is to focus on it.
The eye must be focused on the objective point if the exact location isto be impressively registered, the brain will then have the necessary information to instruct the muscular senses to control the direction and distance.

By Howard Bennett
Master PGA Professional

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