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Visualisation, Pictures, How Important are they?
When a golfer is playing well, it’s so easy, everything seems to fall into place, nothing seems to upset or distract concentration on the flow of the game, and so what happens when the opposite happens and everything is a struggle?

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There can be a number of things that happen:

1. They start thinking about the mechanics of the swing.
2. They remember the bad shots and unlucky breaks they are having.
3. They lose confidence and uncertainty in their decision making.
4. The pre shot routine changes and they begin not to trust what they have worked on in their practice sessions.

Being able to see and visualize the shots starts the process of decision making; everything else follows on from that.

When coaching the words I use to describe a point are so important to the pupil because:

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“Words Create Pictures and Pictures Create Action”

The old quotation: “As a man thinketh so shall it be” – is very relevant.

My recommendation is:

SEE IT ————- FEEL IT ————- DO IT

Logos Golf Ministries Coaching tips Visualisation



By Howard Bennett
Master PGA Professional

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