Logos on Tour at Falkirk Tryst

West Of Scotland Golfers Alliance (Falkirk Tryst) -16th March, 2016

Logos on Tour in Scotland

West Of Scotland Golfers Alliance (Falkirk Tryst) -16th March, 2016

This was my first time back to Falkirk Tryst in about 10 years and the last time I played a competitive game there was the height of summer and the ground was very dry and fast. For those of you who have never played the course it is mainly flat with a links feel and can play very short depending on the ground conditions. Although the temperatures had increased since Lanark, we still had to play with our Jackets and Tammys on so not quite spring time yet with the ground surprisingly soft.

On arrival I went into the shop to get a bottle of water for the round and came across Craig Mathieson who is one of the PGA Professionals who works at Falkirk. Craig is one of the top 20 players in the country and has played out of Falkirk for a number of years and also a friend. We spent about 10 minutes chatting about the year ahead, the lack of money available to play for in Scotland and as I got on to the subject of my various jobs this gave me the opportunity to mention my role with Logos. To my surprise Craig said to me that he remembered me talking about that before so I must have had a chat with him previously at some point or been in company when it was mentioned. He thought it was good that it gave me the opportunity to get out there and it also gave me a brief chance to explain how I had embraced my faith again over the past few years after a long time running away from it. A good chat and I hope to speak to him again this year in a more informal setting.

On checking in, I was paired with two senior members of the Alliance. It wasn’t till I got to the tee that I realised I was paired with one of the players who I had played with at Lanark so it was nice to see a familiar face and consolidate another friendship. I was then introduced me to the other player who immediately asked me about Logos Golf Ministries as he had heard, it was a ‘Christian thing’. I then began to explain about Logos and how I was an ambassador for the ministry in Scotland and anyone who wants to know more about Christianity has a point of contact or at least someone they can talk to about their faith. He was pleasantly surprised and agreed that it is important to have ‘something’ like that. Again, not much chat on the course as the guys were quite serious about their golf but a few comments from them about how I manage to fit in playing, practicing and balancing my various work commitments. I said that to be honest I don’t really get a day off but still working on the balancing act.

After we finished we were going to have a coffee together but both the guys realised we were running late and decided to head off quickly to beat the rush hour traffic.  I am playing together again with one of these golfers at the Carrick next week so will grab a coffee then and the other golfer is looking forward to another game with us at some point before the Alliance finishes for the season. We enjoyed each others company and I look forward to more time to enhance these new friendships.

Keep praying for the times I get to share whether it’s a new contact or existing friendship. Sometimes it can seem as though not much is happening but the people I meet is an example of how someone who remembered and this gave an opportunity to take the conversation to the next step. Many steps keep us going and keeping going will eventually get us there.

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

In his service,

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries, Professional, playing in the Professional Tour in Scotland