Logos on the tartan tour at Lanark Golf Club

West Of Scotland Golfers Alliance (Lanark) -29th February 2016

Logos on the tartan tour at lanark

There have been quite a few events this year that have been rescheduled due to frost and flooding and Lanark was one of the venues affected earlier on in the month so it was good to finally get out there playing before the end of February, especially since the PGA event at Western Gailes scheduled to go ahead on the 22nd has now been moved to April. Patience is the one thing that God knows I need to improve on and although I am getting better I still have a long way to go.

On arriving at Lanark I finally met up with Margaret Carrell who runs the Alliance. We had been exchanging numerous emails over the past month as I was trying to arrange events to attend before the end of April due to the PGA fixtures not having that much on until mid May. The Alliance is predominantly a winter schedule that runs from October to beginning of April and I had stumbled on the website by accident when browsing last month. Margaret has been kind enough to allow me to play in the last few events for a reduced fee and this means I will have at least 3 more events to attend before the end of April playing alongside both Pros and low handicap amateurs.

I was asked to play with two senior gentleman called Neil and Colin who are regulars around the amateur senior circuit and both good golfers. As we teed off it was very cold and the ground was still quite firm. The wind started to get up and it was that kind of wind that just cut right through you. As the conditions were difficult and we were well wrapped up it wasn’t easy to get into too much conversation but I was able to share a brief conversation with Colin about my home life, family and my duties with Logos which he seemed pleasantly surprised with. There wasn’t much more talk apart from encouraging each other to keep going despite the conditions but I have made two new acquaintances that I hope will continue in my association with the Alliance. On completion of the round we agreed to try and meet again at The Carrick in March.

Before leaving I spoke again with Margaret and she enquired about my attachment as she had never heard of Logos Golf Ministries so this gave me another opportunity to share with her what my role was. She seemed quite pleased that I was able to do that and I’m sure this will not be the last I will speak with her in the year to come. Small steps taken today but many small steps can make the difference.

With the season now under way some more people now know who Logos Golf Ministries are and I pray for further conversations and opportunities both in the PGA and the West of Scotland Golfers Alliance. Remember those mentioned in your prayers.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, PGA Professional, Logos Golf Ministries

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