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PGA Fourball – West Kilbride (29/3/2016)

PGA Fourball – West Kilbride (29/3/2016)

West Kilbride Golf Course clubhouse

With a number of events cancelled or rearranged this year, this was my first PGA event and West Kilbride is a good venue for an opening event with not much trouble around, but tricky enough with a stiff breeze. I was partnered with a good friend of mine, who is also playing with me at the rearranged Western Gailes event in a couple of weeks, so at least we get to travel with one another and catch up with what we’re both up to.

He knows that I have embraced my faith over the past years but he is quite reluctant to get into any kind of conversation about it as it’s not really his thing. On the journey down we did discuss the lunacy of terrorists blowing themselves up in the name of ‘Allah’ and I responded by saying the sad fact is these people are deceived in their thinking and the truth is God would never condone these selfish actions. As I expected there was not much response or questioning but he knows where I stand and maybe at some point he might go further.

On arrival at the course it was a beautiful day but very cold with the usual wind coming of the coast. We were paired with two younger pro’s from Stranraer, and I say young but they were probably late 20s and relatively young to my early 40’s. There was not much chat over the first few holes as the course was playing very tricky and we were all just trying to get to grips with the conditions and get some pars on the card. I did manage to get 5 minutes with one of these young pro’s on the 8th hole as we hit our shots relatively close to each other for most of the hole, so this gave us an opportunity to converse about life and Logos. He had noticed the Logo ball on the tee but was not quite sure what to make of it so it made more sense to him after I explained and he thought the ambassador role was a good idea (another small bite, but effective). The other young pro was very quiet for most of the round but he was more focused on his game than chat and that’s fair enough. When we finished the younger pros had beaten us by a shot but we had a good competitive game and scored better than we had expected. We were looking forward to Western Gailes now as we feel we have the ability to ‘get in about it’ as my friend puts it.

The boys did not hang about as they wanted to beat the traffic so we had a bite of Lunch and bumped into two other pros on our way out. I  hadn’t seen both of them for a while so spent a couple of minutes catching up but there didn’t seem to be an opportunity to share and I am always very conscious of not pushing the issue unless there is a clear opening. One of them knows about my faith from previous exchanges so I am aware he might pull out a question or two at some point but not this time though.

As I look forward to the rest of the season I am preparing for the questions that will eventually arise. Most people can only stay quite for so long before curiosity gets the better of them and they have to say something. We don’t always see the work that God is doing but we are thankful that he is there and as his word says, if God is for us then who can stand against us. Please continue to pray for this preparation work and for what God is going to do in the hearts of those who want to know him.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Golf Professional, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador on the Tartan Tour

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