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What makes a winner?

What makes a winner “T-Cup”?

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You win Major Championships not by playing a continuous series of great shots, but by preparing for mishaps and setbacks.
Jack Nicklaus is quoted to have said, he rarely played his best golf in Majors, he won when he was getting up and down from everywhere. Your thinking has to be better than you’re playing and it’s not realistic to expect either to be perfect, strive to get both better than the rest.

DubaiThe ‘Race to Dubai’ concludes with the season ending Dubai World Championship where it is possible that the player can face a putt on the final green to win £1.2M Sixty players start the week with the opportunity to win the tournament.


In the last race of the 2008 F1 Championship, Lewis Hamilton had to maintain a clear head all the way to the finish.
Almost all Olympic champions have moments when their dreams could have been made or broken by the smallest margin.

footlball imageRecently two Premiership Football managers have been at loggerheads over the comment that one team might struggle to deal with the pressure of winning the premiership title as the season unfolds.

The secret of T-Cup is an acronym for
“Thinking correctly under pressure”

Israeli self-help guru, Yehuda Shinar,
conducted more than 15 years of research into what makes a winner. He identified and his views on winning as follows,
“They are people who deal with challenges based on thinking and not just reacting. There’s no secret or wonder behind their success stories. They all share what we call “winning behaviour” that, when analysed, is based on certain rules and principles to which winners are totally committed.”

red-arrowsRed Arrows pilot, Justin Hughes, who clearly stated that their training involved T-Cup. “To even have a chance to be in the team the pilots have to be at the very top of their profession” The Red Arrows train everyday, when pilots fly their planes at amazing speeds, in close proximity to each other while completing highly complex aerobatics requiring split second timing, then the T-Cup is vital.

Andy MurrayIn any sport with the world’s number three and four compete against each other it is hard to find differences in technical, physical and tactical ability of either competitor.
The difference is on how they apply their game when it matters most. Essentially that is what T-Cup is all about.

Apply this when you face a putt to beat your personal best or win the monthly medal and you will make more that you miss.

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Extracts from material Howard Bennett, Master PGA Professional
Tony Bennett,  Director of education for PGA’s of Europe