Logos on Tour in Austria

Austria Open Diamond CC Atzenbrugg June 7-10,2016

Austria Open Diamond CC Atzenbrugg June 7-10,2016

Logos on Tour in Austria

I have often mentioned that the less grand events offer more opportunity simply through the lack of the ‘circus’ element that prevails when the big names abound, so attracting the large entourage’s that accompany those occasions  …

So it was here in sun drenched Austria …

It was great to meet up with our Christian caddie and SA player, for an hours chat and study, a most profitable time was had … I also met up with JB Kruger separately … There really is nothing like dwelling in the word of God is there ….

The bus journeys back and forth from the course were equally rewarding with good talks and explanations of what I do on Tour with two players, this week I was asked more times than I can remember of late why I was there, it was good to reiterate my role, although having been here 6 years, you’d think they’d all be aware by now, but this illustrates the transient nature of the ET and just how many ‘new’ players, caddies and others there are on the conveyor belt that is the Tour …

My counterpart in the United States, Pete Hiskey of Links Golf Ministries has exhorted me to get in touch with a player, believer and good friend of his, from China, and I managed to track him down this week and pass on greetings from Pete and let him know what we do on the ET … As with all Orientals, he was the epitome of good manners and delighted to have met up, so it’ll be interesting to see where this leads, perhaps I’ll even expand my two word Chinese vocabulary.

On a sadder note, Hennie Otto, is undergoing back surgery for the umpteenth time and is now out for the rest of the season … Do keep him in your prayers …

I hope you are encouraged by this weeks happenings and many thanks for all your ongoing prayers and support ….

Next week; with the U.S. Open there is no opposing event on the ET, so a week at home …

Ken Revie LOGOS Chaplain
Ken Revie
European Tour

Ken Revie, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour
contact Ken by email kr@logosogolfministries.com

“Is anything too hard for the Lord? ..”  Genesis 18:14
We all know the answer to that …

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