Bathgate ProAm – Bathgate (28th May, 2016)

Bathgate ProAm – Bathgate(28th May, 2016) you arrive at Bathgate there is a sign that signifies just how much this club has had an impact on golf over the past century. The words “Home to Two Ryder Cup Captains and Three Ryder Cup Players” are read as you enter the car park and the thoughts that came to mind were, ‘Not bad’. For those you who may not know, Bathgate is home to Stephen Gallacher, Bernard Gallacher and the late Eric Brown. This is a club that knows golf but is also very welcoming of its visitors and always produces a great Pro-Am with the same hospitality.

As I made my way to the 1st Tee I needed to take my jumper off as the sun was coming out to what looked like an endless blue sky and I knew we were going to be in for a hot one – at last! Summer had finally arrived and the temperature got up to a decent 22 celcius, which felt a lot warmer I have to say.

My playing partners were John, Eileen and Scott, who were all members at the club and knew each other well so the chat was good from the off. Again we hadn’t even struck a ball when Eileen had asked me about my attachment and what course that was, so it gave me the opportunity to explain the ministry in front of everyone. As we played the first few holes I got the chance to speak with each of the guys to reinforce what I do and its not often this happens but they seemed genuinely interested and Scott especially thought it was a good idea. Over the back 9 I spoke more with Scott about how I re-embraced my faith and John also shared how he was involved with some disabled charities so we all connected well and felt comfortable sharing.

As we got to the final few holes we started to take it a bit more seriously as the team had made a run of birdies and we were trying to get to at least 13 under to have a chance of placing. Bathgate is always renowned as a low scoring venue for teams and normally 15 or 16 under wins so we knew we had to birdie the last few holes to have a chance. We should have just kept enjoying the company because as soon as we thought we could do something that’s when it started to go a bit pear shaped. We just made par on 17 and 18 and our final total was 11 under so no placing, actually we didn’t even make the top 10!

As we sat having our meal it was good to reflect on a cracking day with the sun out and everyone playing reasonably well. We were involved and had thoughts of placing high at one point but despite not finishing well we were satisfied with our attempt. We did the best we could and holed a few puts that helped the cause. Yes, its nice to win and we are going out there trying to do just that but I do feel more importantly that if you give everything to your round and you can look at yourself knowing you couldn’t have done anymore then that’s a victory in itself.

The World expects results but God is more interested in how, not how many. If we put the effort in and try our best then we can hold our heads high and whether or not we’re 1st or last in the worlds eyes, we will always place well in God’s eyes and he will bless us through that.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.
In his Service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour

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