Logos on tour at Kirkhill

Kirkhill Pro-Am – 17th June 2016

I hadn’t played Kirkhill for a while and it is one of those venues that can throw up any kind of weather due to its location at one of the highest points in Glasgow. The views of the city are stunning and you can see for about 40 miles on a clear day. This was not one of those days though.
Logos on Tour at Kirkhill

As we teed off, the rain was on its way but hadn’t quite reached us yet. My partners were Alistair, Stephen and Scott, all of whom were decent players off their mid-handicaps and right away we got off to a good start with a birdie at the first hole. This was the only occasion that I can remember recently where after being announced on the tee as representing Logos Golf Ministries and identifying my ball with the Logo on it, that nobody asked me anything about it until we reached the 3rd hole. To be honest it was more of an indirect question of, “So where do you play out of then?” asked Alistair.

That gave me my opportunity to explain my situation and after I had given Alistair the lowdown he fired back, “Your not a minister are you?” to which I replied, “Not in the way you think.”

I was not sure how to take that and I could tell the Stephen and Scott were more interested in their day out than listening to me but something niggled at me and I thought I needed to go a bit further with Alistair on this whereas normally I would have left the topic until he brought it up again. On the next hole I again went over the fact that I was not a minister as such and confirmed to him that over the past years I had embraced my faith more to the point of working with the ministry. I told him I had ran away from God when I was younger and wanted to do other things until I got to the point I could not ignore it anymore. To my surprise he also told me that he used to be part of the Church of Scotland many years back but similar to myself, he gradually “lost his way”. It was an interesting choice of words and something that I could totally relate to.

As we continued on with our game the weather started to get worse but we still managed to get some decent scores on the card despite having to play with an umbrella for most of the round. The finishing holes at Kirkhill are tough and we needed some birdies in the last 4 holes to maybe get a top 5 finish. Sadly this did not happen and none of us played very well in this part of the game, probably because we knew we had to go for it, taking on risky shots that didn’t pay off. It was a slightly depressing finish to what was a good game for the most part.

As I said my goodbyes before leaving, Alistair remained in my thoughts and I pray for him to be open to his faith again. Sometimes we don’t take risks because we are scared they won’t pay off and for the most part that can be true. Stepping out in faith however is a risk worth taking when God is involved as he never lets us down in the end. We may have to keep trying and keep going and we may not always succeed in every endeavour, but perseverance combined with faith will yield a harvest and that is what God promises in his word.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries, Ambassador on the Tartan Tour

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