Practice like you’ll play and play like you practice



If You Commit Yourself To Correct Practice You Discover

  • Your performance can be improved in some way
  • You must be willing to start with the small things, when you first start to Practice your gains will be small, but they will grow.
  • There’s a price to pay to reach the next level, Sydney Howard remarked, one half of knowing what you want is what you must give up before you get it, to many of us regard practice as an essential negative experience, but it doesn’t have to be if you think of it in terms of discovery and development.
  • Perfect or Good shots?
  • Many times golfers leave shots to the greens short of the pin and feel they have miss hit the shot or taken the wrong club, I believe that many times it is because we are guilty of allowing for the perfect shot instead of our good shot, how many perfect shots do we hit in the round of golf? A perfect shot with an iron will travel between 5 to 7 yards farther than your good shot, “So Allow For Your Good Shots Most Of The Time”

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Practice Makes Perfect?

We often hear or read the above quote, I believe it is misleading, it encourages us into thinking that the more we practice the more successful we are going to be, unfortunately it sometimes had the opposite effect and leads to bad habits, loss of confidence and poor results.

The following quotes Are What We Should Be Striving For:

  • “Correct Practice Makes Perfect”
  • Practice Makes Permanent” “Quality Practice Not Quantity”

The Power of Correct Practice

Bunker shot at KLM Dutch Open

When it comes to practice the Two most difficult challenges you face are,
1. Having the desire to do it.
2. Having the discipline to keep at it.
You have to be diligent in these matters, !Persevere!
It has nothing to do with talent or ability.
It is not a matter of conditions, but of choice.
But once the choice is made and practice becomes habit

  1. Two things become obvious,
    The First is a clear difference between the person who practices and the one who doesn’t.
  2. The Second thing that emerges is a winning spirit, the harder you work, the harder is becomes to surrender to things like fatigue, complacency, discouragement, criticism and all the other stuff that tries to break your stride.

Bad Habits?

So nearly holed out

On arriving at a British Open to meet with a player I had been working with for many years I found his ball control was inconsistent, he had referred to his fault check list to try and work out which area needed attention but had not come up with the answer, having discussed his thoughts and seeing him hit some shots, I reminded him about his right hand position on the club, a key point we had worked on from time to time during the previous 8 years. All levels of golfers have times when they slip back into their bad habits, it is important to know what they are and know how to correct them.

Write them down, call it your “Fault Check List” even the top players need reminding and reassuring at times, it not because they don’t know it’s because they have forgotten.


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