Logos on Tour atDumfries and Galloway GC

Kerr Investments 36 Hole ProAm Qualifier Dumfries & Galloway Golf Club -10/8/16

Kerr Investments 36 Hole ProAm Qualifier
Dumfries & Galloway Golf Club -10/8/16

Logos on Tour atDumfries and Galloway GC

It was a relatively quite July for me due to the Open being on and not much else to play in round about that time and towards the end of the month. The kids summer holidays come into play at this time and I was on child care duty for the last couple of weeks anyway due to my wife covering holidays at her old job. I was hoping to get into the Deer Park Masters due to being one of the first reserves but sadly that did not transpire so my next outing was down to Dumfries for another qualifier.

After a 90 minute drive I arrived at the club at 7.15am which gave me a chance to hit some balls before teeing off at 8.00am. My back had been giving me problems over the last week or so due to a trapped nerve which was not pleasant, but it seemed to be holding up ok with just a small twinge every now and again (the Ibuprofen definitely helped). I was playing with Cameron and Fraser and it didn’t take long for the chat to go to Logos and faith.

At the second hole Cameron asked me what my attachment was so I was able to discuss my faith and my role to which he asked me what type of Christianity that was. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that but he went on to say that he’d spent time in Utah and knew about the Mormons and that some Christians have different branches of faith. This gave me the perfect opportunity to explain that Christianity should be one faith with a common belief and practice, but as humans beings do, we change things along the way to suit our needs thus giving the different offshoots. A few holes later he asked me how long I had been a Christian for to which I was able to give him a brief testimony of how I was born and brought up in the Church but ran away from it for a long time until I felt God calling me back. He mentioned that he is not religious at all but he was interested in my story. We both agreed that each person has to choose their own path in life and I sensed that was enough for him at that point.
Fraser also asked about my attachment midway round and I was able to explain how I came to be in the role after working at Westerwood for so many years. The conversation didn’t go much further than that but at least there was an interest there to be sparked.

Towards the end of the round my back was starting to stiffen up a bit but I managed to finish with a couple of pars for 74 which I thought would have been ok for qualifying as this normally qualifies each year and I had a decent back 9 which counts for a better standing. Fraser also finished with 74 and Cameron was the best of us with 72. All of us had a fair drive home so we did not hang about for long but wished each other well and thought we’d see each other again at the Pro-Am. Later on I found out that 73 was the mark and I am now 6th reserve which will most likely not be required. I am glad for Cameron though and I hope to see him again at another event soon.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour (Scotland)

Contact Vincent: vb@logosgolfminstries.com


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