Alliance at Prestwick St. Nicholas – 15th November 2016

Alliance at Prestwick St. Nicholas – 15th November 2016


It did not take long for the final outing of 2016 to come around and I always remember my Gran saying many years ago that time goes quicker as you get older. I do feel older and time does seem to fly these days. This year has come and gone much quicker than the previous years and I look back on it with mixed emotions but overall a positive year. Nothing ever goes exactly the way we would like but we continue to trust in God and keep learning.

It was a blustery day on the Ayrshire coast and St Nicks, as I call it, sits right on the water with out of bounds to the right of the 1st hole being ‘the water’. A little gem of a course and one you do not get tired of playing. My playing partner was an Irish lad called Adrian who had moved to Scotland from Cork about 8 years ago. He is quite settled here and has just bought himself a property in Glasgow so has no plans to return to Ireland. As we walked along the 1st hole I got the opportunity to share with him about my role with Logos but he did not really engage with that conversation. A few holes later we began chatting more about his life and how he came to be in Scotland and I could sense he was more comfortable chatting about those kinds of things as opposed to anything spiritual. There was a point half way round after I had made a few good up and downs in a row he commented on the fact that I kept, ‘hanging in there’ to which I replied that we should never give up until the ball is in the hole, linking this in with life in general. I got a little look that gave the impression he was going to say something but then didn’t. We carried on.

From not playing much over the past month I was getting it round ok but proceeded to bogey the last 3 holes. It was a disappointing finish, but still an enjoyable day with a nice lad who I hope to see again in the Alliance next year.

On finishing our round we came across Norman Forsythe who looks after the website for Logos and is a member at St Nicks. We sat and had a coffee and a chat about the future which looks positive with the news of the Logos Pro-Am next year at Dundonald already in PGA calendar. With Logos Golf Ministries Scotland only 2 years in the making and already a Pro-Am in the works, it is clear there is much work ahead for the ministry and this is only the beginning of what God has for Scottish Golf. We thank him for what he has already provided and eagerly await his plan for the future.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and the future of the Ministry in Scotland and beyond. Have an enjoyable Christmas season and a prosperous New Year.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, PGA Professional and Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour

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