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Alliance at West Kilbride – 28/2/17

Alliance at West Kilbride – 28/2/17

west kilbride to arran

I was not sure whether this event was going to take place, especially after the 6 inch snow fall just before the weekend which did not look like it was going anywhere fast. I then found out it only seemed to be central Scotland that was affected and by Monday morning everything was clear again almost hitting double figures with the temperature. We do live in a very strange country with the severe changes our weather brings, but overall we do get away with our winters most of the time.

As I approached the hills at the top of West Kilbride on the west coast of the country I could not believe seeing a sheet of brilliant white snow covering the landscape before me. I had driven for an hour with no sign of rain or snow just to arrive at my destination thinking it was a wasted journey. As I crept through the town fearing the worst I was amazed to see clear views to Arran with no hint of snow whatsoever on the other side. It really was incredible how there could be such different scenes within half a mile and how pleasant it was on the other side.

I was paired with Neil and Roy from Kilmacolm and I recognised Neil from my outing at Lanark last year but had not met Roy before. We got going fairly sharp and when identifying our balls it didn’t really sink in with the guys that I had my attachment named on the golf ball. By the 4th hole Neil asked how I was getting on to which I reiterated my evolving role with Logos and the upcoming Pro-Am this year. I got the impression he did not really remember our previous conversation but it was nearly a year ago and sometimes I cannot remember last week never mind last year. Shortly after that Roy asked about my role as a professional which allowed me to expand on this as I did with Neil. Roy immediately asked me, “What denomination is that?”, which left me quite surprised. I responded by saying we were not a denomination but just Christian to which he replied, “So am I, I’m a Christian and attend my Church regularly”. Right away we had a connection and I knew this was not an accident. Roy and I agreed that sometimes we all get a bit of a ribbing about our faith and it is sad when people think we are off our head when really it’s the other way about. I emphasised that if they really knew what the truth was the last thing anybody would do would be to make fun of it. Anyway we are reminded that what we go through here will not compare to what awaits us, and a little bit of ribbing is not really that bad compared to what happens in certain other parts of the world to believers.

As we played round the sun came out with stretches of blue sky showing and although it was fresh the temperature seemed to be warming up. It was an enjoyable game despite the greens being a little bumpy and a birdie on the last for 2 over was probably a decent score for the day. We sat in the lounge for a drink afterwards and I mentioned to Roy about the Pro-Am again so we will keep in touch and he hopes to attend the day at Dundonald in September. It may not be long before the teams for this event are filled which is very positive considering how early it is in the season.

So often we see doom and gloom on the horizon and it’s only by pressing on through that we experience the blessings God has for us. He can change the things in our lives that may seem daunting and allows us to see past the worries that hold us back. Please pray for continued support for the ministry this year and beyond.

In his service,

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour

Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour

contact Vincent by email on vb@logosgolfministries.com



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