Bothwell Castle ProAm – July 2017

Bothwell Castle Pro-Am 23/7

It’s been a while since I have been to Bothwell and although a course full of straight forward holes it has some very tricky greens that are difficult to read. A decent forecast meant short sleeves which has been a very rare occurrence this year. No complaints.

I was playing with 3 members from Bothwell. I met one as I walked to the tee and realised we had met before as he was a member at my old club, Westerwood. Right away we chatted about what we had been up to and he asked about what club I was with now, so that gave me the chance to explain my attachment and ambassador role before we even hit a ball. As we got started I was able to get the opportunity to speak with the other 2 also. The third hole was where one asked me about my ‘club’ and by the 5th hole the other had also enquired about my attachment which allowed me to explain a bit more about Christians in Sport and how we are all working with each other going forward. One seemed more interested in my Foster Care duties and linked this with my faith which I suppose is one of the main reasons I was involved in that work. During these conversations it was apparent that the guys were intrigued by what they had heard but not confident enough to take the conversation to the next level. I had given them enough to think about and they focused more on the golf for the back 9.

Apart from a couple of showers, it was a warm and sunny afternoon and the team played well with no bogeys leadingto a 10 under par total. Not quite good enough for the top 5 but everyone played their part and a decent showing. As we sat at dinner with the final round of the Open on television,we discussed the topic of technology in golf and we were all in agreement some limitations need to be in place for the future of the game. Players are always looking for more distance, and balls and clubs are always offering more. With some tour players hitting the ball 350 yards now, golf is seen as a power game, which is not how it was originally intended. Is the game in danger of looking too easy on television which makes it boring?? An interesting thought.

Final thought – In life we are always looking for more and when we get it then circumstances change so that we need something else. It seems we are never truly fulfilled by anything on this earth but only through God we can see and appreciate everything for what it is – temporary.

Next stop is the Deer Park Masters in August.
In his service,

Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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