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Deer Park Masters – 1st & 2nd August

A month after qualifying for this 36-hole Order of Merit Pro-Am, I was back at Deer Park to do it all over again. A course I always enjoy and was looking forward to the two days ahead. The top 25 players in the country along with the 25 qualifiers make up the 50-player field for the professional event and this is a good test of where your game is compared to the better players.

On the first day I was playing in a fourball and we were blessed with some decent weather for a change. These events always work on a shotgun start due to the number of teams playing over the 2 days, so we started at the 16th hole which means there is no announcement on the tee, just a horn that sounds at the allocated tee time. 

Early on in the round I got to chatting with one of the group about my role with Logos and was encouraged that he was also a Christian. This led to sharing a brief testimony on the 4th hole which does not happen very often but is nice to share your own story when you get the chance. Overall we enjoyed a decent game and everyone contributed to the team score at some point so we ended up with a respectable 6 under which, although it did not win any prizes, was by no means the worst score of the day. I exchanged contact details with the Christian and will keep in touch with him going forward regarding any future developments in that area.

Due to my score on the first day I was out in the afternoon with the leaders on day 2, so it was nice not to have to get up too early. I was to start at the 11th hole that day which is not too far from the clubhouse, so not far to walk before teeing off which is always a bonus with shotgun events. 

I was playing with two good players that afternoon. One was a 5 handicap and the other used to play on the Alps tour but was no longer a pro and now played off Scratch. One of them asked me on the tee where I was based due to my attachment, so this gave me an opportunity to explain my role as we had a 10 minute wait before we teed off. The guys did not really say anything else about it so I did not push things after that. 

 The other player was a very good ball striker and you could tell he was a quality player from the off. Sometimes it can be difficult when a playing partner is striking the ball so well and you feel you need to keep up with them, but I have learned only too well that the score on the card is what counts and everyone benefits from playing to their own strengths rather than trying to do it like someone else. 

The weather did not help us after the first few holes and it got extremely wet for the remainder of the round. The course was touch and go with greens filling up but we continued on with the help of the greenkeepers rolling the greens to keep the water at bay.

A final round of 1 over for me in difficult conditions was a decent score and I was happy with 19th place overall. For just a team of 3 players, another team score of 6 under was a good result also in those conditions.

I have felt a real calming influence over my golf recently and I know God is with me more than ever, especially in the difficult circumstances. It’s very easy to wait till things are a mess before we turn to God but as soon as we feel anything coming against us we should pray right away for peace of mind to see clearly, and then we can effectively tackle the job at hand. 

Because of this I now enjoy the adversity in my golf because I see it as a challenge to overcome instead of a problem stopping me from my goal. It has been said that ‘golf is not a game of perfect’ and I would argue that could be said of life itself. Every golfer plays best when he realises what shots he can get the best results from and this is course management at its best. Prayer definitely helps with our life management.

Please pray for future meetings and those mentioned in this report.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com

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