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Deer Park 36 Hole Challenge 25th & 26th September

Plenty of overnight rain meant there was a delay with the morning times on the opening day of this event. Deer Park can get fairly wet at times and play was almost cancelled for the day if we got any more rain. This gave me the chance to chat with some of the guys in the bar area.

One was particularly interested in the ministry so this gave me a chance to go into more detail about what we do both here and on Tour, and this definitely gave him food for thought. I also mentioned about our Pro-Am and the possibility of a series of events which led to a conversation about a series of events abroad over winter. They had slightly gone off topic but a decent chat to start with!

As play finally got under way after a half hour delay, my playing partners were two guys who I have played with before over the past couple of seasons.

Both were well aware of my attachment and the Logos Pro-Am this week but one spoke during the round about the ministry as he is one of the professionals attending the event so just wanted to know a bit more detail of what was happening and where we were going with it.

Another great chance to consolidate a previous chat with him, as well as letting him know what to expect from Thursday and future events. He was very keen to attend the Pro-Am and showed great interest.

As we continued round the weather held but the course was still very wet and the greens became increasingly difficult to judge with how much they had been brushed to get rid of excess water. The normally perfectly presented greens were not the usual fast pace and this caused a few problems for one of my partners and I. The other seemed to negotiate them well but I have always struggled on greens that are not fast but not too slow, especially when damp.

After a poor display on the greens in the back nine I was disappointed with the score after striking the ball reasonably well. A good round required tomorrow.

The next day I was paired with two others who, again, I have both played with before and chatted to the previous day. A birdie at the first got us off to a good start and it was good to see some of my hard work starting to pay off and I felt good to go.

As we got chatting, one of the players was very interested in Logos and this led to several conversations about my faith and also a certain Mr Revie, who he must have come across on some Tour events.

It’s quite rare that someone tees up an opportunity to share a mini testimony but he asked me on the 8th hole, “So have you always been a church person?”. As we waited on a group playing through us due to a lost ball, I shared my experience of running away from my faith and then being ‘called’ back. It felt like good timing and he was interested.

On the back 9 he mentioned about guys he has played with who were quite ‘full on’ about their faith and I commented that everyone is different with how they share. Some need the subtle and some need a sledgehammer, and we are also all different on how we receive it. I am more the subtle approach and will never force anything on anyone unless the situation presents itself but God keeps providing the openings which I am happy to explore.

The other player and I chatted about a mutual friend, who has worked with him recently and I mentioned that he was interested in doing some work for Logos on Tour to which he thought would be right up his street and something he would be very good at. I know the player has great respect for him, not just because of his work but his faith also which only consolidates the ministry work.

It’s not often there are so many great chats at one event but it seemed as though everyone was really interested and the fact we have an event on the calendar with more to come has really got people talking.

With the sun even coming out for the last hour it was a very pleasant day despite a ball out of bounds at the short 13th. I was 3 under playing the hole and tried to bite off more than I should have which cost me a double bogey, but I wanted a low round.

Nevertheless it was nice to play reasonably well and the putting surfaces were smoother than the previous day. It was a pleasure to share some time with the guys over the past couple of days and I know God’s plan is taking shape.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am this Thursday (28th September).

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com

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