The P & H Championship – Renaissance Club(18th & 19th September)

This event normally takes place earlier in the year around May/June time but has been put back to late September due to the venue. This has loaded the schedule for the end of the year along with the Scottish PGA Championship in October but probably not a bad time to have it.

It’s nice to go to a venue like The Rennaissance Club as it feels more like a proper tour event with a players lounge and breakfast and lunch provided as standard. Driving up, you can see the range balls lined up on a fantastic crescent shaped range and it feels like you’re privileged. Before I played I bumped into a fellow pro, who was tucking into his breakfast and we had a brief chat about our work and how pleasant it was to sit in such nice surroundings.

He and I go way back to the amateur days of playing in the Glasgow Boys tournaments and at that time he was a GB & I cap. He does not play much now due to his club job but keeps his hand in whenever he can. It was good to catch up with him and hopefully I’ll get to speak with in more detail again.

My playing partners were from Dunblane and Yorkshire. I know the former well as we came through the PGA training at the same time so we had plenty to chat about over the course of the round. The other was a young lad from south of the border who had come up with his dad and has just started off in his PGA career. Both he and his dad were very quiet but nice gents and didn’t get too involved in the conversation apart from the usual golf chit-chat.

After a decent start my other playing partner and I got chatting about how life was treating us and this led to discussing the ministry to which he commented “Yes, I’ve heard you were doing that”. I was trying to think if I had spoken with him before about it but I think he may have heard it second hand which is good to know people are talking. I got to explain how we managed to arrange a Pro-Am this year with a guest speaker and he seemed quite interested but he did not go much further on it.

We were all playing reasonably well and then I had a horror hole which saw me take quite a few shots from a pot bunker and this derailed me a bit. There was very little sand in the bunker and no matter where you were in this very small, thin trap it seemed there was almost no shot out. My course management has normally been quite good this year but when I look back on that moment I opted for the glory shot instead of sacrificing and accepting I was going to drop at least a couple of shots.

This led to me dropping quite a few more than that. The only positive was that I didn’t let that affect the rest of my round and I still played reasonably well apart from that one hole. I now had to score a really low round the next day.

As we sat down to lunch, we all contemplated the round and although none of us had played that badly, we didn’t score as well as we should have. The Rennaissance Club can do that to you with the massive sloping plateau greens and if you can leave the course without a single three-putt you’ll be one of the very few.

Day two started with blue sky as far as you can see and I got chatting to quite a few guys before play. At breakfast I sat with a guy who now works for a golfing brand, but is still a PGA pro. We discussed the Logos Pro-Am which he seemed quite impressed with. I spoke with him a couple of years back regarding Logos so he already knew the background, and he felt this was really good exposure for us along with a reputable guest speaker such as Luther Blacklock.

A really good chat and good to catch up with him again after not seeing him for a while. I was just about to make my way out to hit some balls and I came across a tour player, who asked how I was doing. I was able to give him the full spiel about my family life and work for Logos and he just kind of looked at me with a shocked look. He obviously remembered what I was like a decade ago and was surprised by the change. As I left him, he did wish me well with the Pro-Am which was nice.

On to the second round and with my playing partners from the day before, we knew we had to go low. I don’t think I can remember a round where I hit the ball as consistently but did not really get any reward from it. I knew I had to go for it so I was more aggressive on the greens than I normally would have been as there were no points for shooting even par. I knew I needed about four or five under to make it through, so this increased the risk of three-putting which I was willing to take.

I just gave myself too much to do round a tough course but was pleased that I was at least able to give it a go the way I was hitting it. I chose the right shots to hit and gave the ball a good run on the greens which did not quite work out.

At the end of the round my older playing partner and I sat in the lounge and we talked about the event and how nice it was to play a venue such as this. We didn’t make it through but we were thankful to be there and be able to compete at that level. Both of us are capable of playing well enough to make the final stages of events. We just need to play more and don’t put so much pressure on ourselves.

I definitely feel my game is about to ignite and I am excited about moving up the rankings to where I should be, that being said I am very thankful that I can even play in PGA events. I am very blessed and I know that being more prominent can only help to serve the ministry and for what God is going to do in Scottish golf. I will press on towards the goal and look forward to the Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am at Dundonald next week. This event is not just the culmination of the work done over the past years, but the beginning of God’s work moving to the next level.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the Logos Pro-Am.

In His Service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com

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