Crieff Golf Course


Scottish PGA Championship Qualifying – Crieff  30/8/17

There always seems to be a good day for this event or maybe it’s just the location. A very pleasant morning in the heart of Scotland and not too far from Gleneagles sits the always well presented Ferntower course in Crieff.

I was playing with two players from the east coast, whom I have come across a few times in years gone by as they are my generation. As we started off at 8.30am there was very little wind and it does seem that every time we play Crieff there is a certain calmness about the weather no matter what time of year it is.

We all got off to a decent start and after a few holes both the guys asked me what I was doing with myself. One spoke to me at at the 4th hole which allowed me to give a simple explanation of family life, work and my role with the ministry. I’ve gotten used to condensing the information as I’ve had to do it a few times now and there is just too much to talk about if I was to go into it in detail.

He seemed interested enough but didn’t really pursue any of the things I spoke about however this left the door open for the other player, who on the next hole picked up from the previous conversation. He is fairly outspoken at times but I like him as he does not pretend to be anyone else than himself. What you see is what you get.

As we played the 5th hole he was interested to know about the ministry as he heard the announcement on the tee and probably saw it on the start sheet. I was able to give a bit more detail than normal as that was the main focus of the chat, and he had mentioned a fellow Christian pro had spoken with him a couple of years back regarding the whole faith versus evolution issue.

He was very clear that he has no problem with faith and has a live and let live approach to it all. The one thing that bothers him is when faith becomes religion and forces its views on the world. I agreed with him that faith and religion are completely different and each person does have to choose their path in life but it is important which path we choose. As I have mentioned to friends and family many times our beliefs are not true just because we believe in them, they are either true or false. An interesting conversation and I hope to have some more time with him in the future.

As we played round, the weather held good for us and during the back 9 we were all in with a chance of qualifying but the first player I spoke with had a couple of poor holes and I was not holing the putts that I normally would. The guy I chatted more with played well and scored 1 over to qualify but the other player and I both shot 5 over which was a few off the mark. We all played reasonably well from tee to green but Crieff can be notoriously difficult on the greens and the two of us struggled with the putting at times.

For me, I know I really need to analyse my putting stroke as it’s been bothering me for a while now and I haven’t really done anything about it lately. I’ve gotten away with it for a long time but for a part of the game that is used on average 45% of the time this needs to be addressed, especially at this level. It’s so easy to not bother with something because you don’t think it’s that important and the usual phrase ‘It’ll be OK’ prevents dealing with the real problem. We do that a lot with the simple things and end up finding out that’s what can make or break us. It’s the same with our faith.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report,

In his service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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