West of Scotland Golfers Alliance – Dundonald – 16/10

The start of the Alliance fixtures signal the final months of the golfing season and it was nice to return to Dundonald where we held our very successful Pro-Am this year. After a lengthy delay on the M77 due to an overturned truck, I managed to arrive just in time, and Margaret was kind enough to rearrange the times so that nobody had to rush. A few of us got caught with the delays so this helped the running order.

I was asked to play with one of my fellow professionals, who I have often been paired with this year. We joked that we never really saw each other for 15 years and now it feels as though we see each other every other week. He also played in the Logos Pro-Am as one of the team professionals so it was good to get his feedback.

As we got started, he commented that he really enjoyed the Pro-Am and thought it went really well. He knows about the vision of having a series of events in years to come and totally gets the idea of faith.

He mentioned about finding our own truth, which means being honest about where we are in our life so that we can begin to do something about it. I have to say that the golf was secondary  as we both chatted non-stop all the way round and I know it was no accident that I ended up playing with him again. He shared a joke with me that says quite a lot about how many of us see God and you may have heard it but I’ll share it anyway.

‘During a flood a man is floating in the water and he is shouting to God to save him. Five minutes later a small boat sails by, but the man but he says he’ll wait because God is going to save him. Ten minutes later a larger yacht sails by, but the man declines the help as God will save him. As the waters get higher a helicopter stops over him to pick him up, but the man is adamant God will save him. The man drowns.

As the man stands before God after death he questions why God did not save him to which God tells the man that he tried by sending two boats and a helicopter, what else was he expecting?’

The other pro and I both agreed that too often we expect God to do all the work and forget that He guides us and makes a way for us. We have our part to play and he does not just fix everything by snapping his fingers.

A really good day and some great conversation that I know will continue in our future meetings. I look forward to speaking with him again and know he is enthusiastic about supporting our future events.

In his service,


 Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com













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