West of Scotland Golfers Alliance – Glasgow Gailes (30/10/17)

It’s been a long time since I last played Glasgow Gailes but I have fond memories of amateur golf with the Glasgow Golf Union and playing with former Walker Cup player, Graham Shaw, in the Glasgow Strokeplay 22 years ago and just managing to finish a shot ahead of him.

The overall layout of the course has not changed apart from a few new tees to lengthen the course. It always was a fairly short course for being an Open Championship Final Qualifying venue but some very challenging par 4s on the back 9 make up for it.

I was playing with a local amateur and a fellow pro I know well. We were off around 9am and it was a strange experience on the West coast to not have a breath of wind, almost surreal.

As we got underway I got the chance to have some good chats with the amateur player about kids, football, golf and of course Logos. We got on well and in between shots of the front 9, we had covered the poor state of Scottish football and how he really enjoys running his son’s football team, but this does interfere with how much golf he gets to play.

He wouldn’t swap it though and I really admire his dedication to helping the kids learn to play football properly without the rubbish that goes along with it. He mentioned that the worst thing is the ‘over enthusiastic’ parents that need to be reminded how to behave and he struck me as the kind of guy who does not put up with any nonsense. I like his style.

I was pleasantly surprised that when mentioning about Logos and Christians in Sport, he said that he’d actually read some of my reports from the website so he was already familiar with what I was doing. I think that is a first for one of my playing partners to be a step ahead of what I was saying but very positive, and as we stay not far from one another I hope this is the beginning of friendship that can continue forward.

I also got chatting to the pro about the plans for next year’s Logos Pro-Am and I shared with him that we were possibly looking to the East coast for next year with one of the main venues being Archerfield Links. He agreed this was a great choice of venue, but knows it can be pricey.

What I was blown away with when visiting Archerfield recently was the attention to detail and they were able to cater for our every need, and more. Too often as Christians we accept second best, but I am a great believer that to represent God fully we need to aim for the best as this sets the tone for the future. Something to pray about.

As we played round I was pleased to be playing reasonably well apart from a couple of stray tee shots which cost me a placing. I will put the good play down to some teaching from Luther Blacklock who helped me to understand the mechanics of the golf swing through his analysis of Ben Hogan.

It’s so true that you are never to old to learn and I realised that I had been making it more difficult for myself trying to do it the way I knew. I’m happy to say I am nowhere near as stubborn as I used to be but can still have my moments.

The pro played well and finished with a 72 which was very good after the wind got up for the back 9. I was a few shots back from that, but was still quite happy with my overall play and excited about working on the new fundamentals over the winter. Looking forward to next year already.

As we finished, we all agreed to catch up again at Prestwick St. Nicholas for the final Alliance of 2017. As I chatted with the pro over a coffee before our departure I shared that I hoped to make it into the top 40 of the order of Merit next year, but he felt I should aim higher than that as I was capable of top 25.

The top 25 normally signifies the players exempt from all tournaments and if you finish there you are called a ‘Top 25 player’. This is a big jump for me, but after what I said earlier about striving for the best then I have no excuses. I value the pro’s opinion and if he feels I could manage it, then top 25 it is. The tools are there, I just need to keep putting the work in.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the 2018 Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am.

In His service,


 Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
Contact Vincent by email vb@logosgolfministries.com

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