Mini Tour Event at Troon Darley – 5/1/18

The Christmas decorations had not long been put away before one of my earliest ever outings of a new season. I had been contacted by my fellow Pro, John Henry, as there were a few spaces left for his mini-tour event at Troon Darley. I had not been playing at all over the festive period due to work and weather, but felt that I should go along and get an early swing in. It was a very stiff swing but I just wanted a game to see where I was at and what needed to be addressed.

As I arrived at Troon there were only about 12 of us playing but this meant we could all sit and have a chat before going out and I was surprised to see a certain Ronan Rafferty there. As we sat with our tea and coffee, I realised that half of the guys there were not known to me as they were not PGA pros, but Europro players. This is a step up in standard and I thought it would be good to play with some of these guys just to see how good they are.

We ended up playing in 4-balls, which is unusual for an individual tournament but made for a friendly game.  I was by far the oldest in our group and I have noticed this is becoming more and more common!

Over the first half dozen holes it became clear that I was a bit rusty but it was good to stretch the muscles again and I also got the chance to chat to each of the guys about my role. Each of them asked me about my attachment on a different hole of the front 9 so the same conversation was had a few times and now they know about Logos and what we are trying to do. Two of our group were in better form but we all had those dodgy early season shots to forget, for me some more dodgy than others.

I could see one of the ‘form guys’ was a very good player and he was telling me that playing on the Europro tour is very tough because everybody out there is just as good as each other and anyone can win on a given day. He has been doing this for a few years now so must be doing ok, and he mentioned about going to Portugal for a couple of weeks before the season fully kicks off to get some decent practice.

It is so very cold in this country at this time of year and very difficult to get the body working well in these conditions. I hope he has a good season will probably meet up with him again at another of John’s events as he said he’ll play in most of them going forward.

As the other two in our group were both PGA assistants we also chatted about their clubs. One mentioned that he gets quite a lot of time to go and play due to his boss understanding the playing side of it being a fairly successful player himself on the Tartan tour. He looks as if he could become a very good player and from seeing his name up there a couple of times last year I think he can become one of the Tartan tour’s prominent names.

The other shared with me that his club is really struggling with member numbers due to deals being offered elsewhere to the point they are not sure how much longer they will be able to keep going. It’s always sad when a club gets to a stage that the land becomes more valuable for something else due to a ‘better deal’ and although he mentioned they are getting some members back because the deals didn’t work for the individuals, they still might have to sell some land to keep the club open for at least another 15 years. I hope it works out for them as the family have been the pros there a while now and they deserve better.

It was good to chat with the guys over a fairly laid back competitive game and get the feeling we will all cross paths again soon. More seeds sown and I pray for God to bless the year ahead with prosperity. Overall a decent day out that reminded me I needed some practice but more importantly investment in some new equipment. I’m being fitted next week!

Please pray for the growth of the ministry,

In His service


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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