Alliance at West Kilbride – 13/3

After a very long spell of poor weather it was good to finally get going after so many cancelled events over the past couple of months. Having recently been fitted for a new set of clubs, I finally got the chance to try them out and it was good to have a pleasant day at West Kilbride.

It’s not often the sun has made an appearance this year, but as we walked up the 1st hole it almost felt tropical (with a stiff breeze). Once you get past the first couple of holes there is not much shelter, so we felt the full force of the cold wind and we realised that we were still in Scotland. My playing partner and I got chatting right away and it wasn’t long before I was discussing the Logos Golf Ministries Pro-Am of last year where we had Luther Blacklock as our guest speaker.

I got to explain what the purpose of it was and how our guest speakers share their personal stories. I was encouraged when he asked how much it was for a team as this normally shows an interest for attending, and at least the seed was planted for later on in the year as I mentioned that Alison Nicholas was going to speak at our Archerfield event in October.

As we continued round I was surprised how consistent we were playing considering the lack of golf that has taken place, and as my partner was playing off a 2 handicap, he was matching me most of the way round which was good for the competition aspect. Before we turned for the back 9, he mentioned that he knew of a Christian player, who also plays at his club. He knows that the player is quite involved in his church so it’s good that there is another Christian contact there in his area.

From our remaining conversations over the rest of the round, he struck me as a very honest guy who, although has made no particular stance on his faith, is intelligent and keeps an open mind on various issues. I really enjoyed our game together and pray for another opportunity to speak to him which may lead to attending the Logos event at Archerfield.

As we finished the game and said our goodbyes I was left feeling encouraged about my new clubs and my conversations with my playing partner. I just have one more meeting to attend  to confirm everything regarding the Pro-Am for this year and will then send out the details of the day. Looking forward to an exciting year of golf and another successful Logos Pro-Am.

Please pray for those mentioned and for the Logos Pro-Am 2018.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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