Mini Tour event at Gleneagles – 8/5/18

After a beautiful Bank Holiday weekend, it was disappointing to have an afternoon of misty rain and cool temperature of 11 degrees, but it was still nice to play the Queen’s Course at Gleneagles. No matter how many times I make the drive I’m always aware of the stature of the venue and just how vast it is. With 3 tournament courses, a Par 3 course and a golf academy, not even taking into account the numerous European Tour events and a Ryder Cup, that kind of says it all.

We all settled in the Dormie House for lunch before play and it was good to catch up with two younger guys that I had played with. They already knew my back story but there was little to mention about taking the conversations further than before.

As we moved down to the academy for some practise before play, I got to talking with a leading player about golf and the year ahead. He has been a top player on this tour over the past 10 years and is now thinking about getting a ‘real’ job as the opportunities to play are going down each year. He was not on the list of professionals I was planning to invite to the Logos Pro-Am, and as we spoke about the future I was in two minds to invite him along, but thought it best to stick to the list for now. Maybe this could change.

It was a later tee time of 3pm and I was playing with one of the two I chatted with at lunch and a player from Edinburgh. Both of these guys knew each other from Europro events, so they were chatting away quite regularly, but I did get the opportunity to speak with the Edinburgh player early on about my role and had a fairly positive reaction.

Both are not PGA professionals, so are not eligible to enter the Logos Pro-Am, but maybe in years to come we might need to have a non PGA event to allow other tour players to attend. Something to pray about going forward. There were a few other ‘bites’ throughout the round and this came in the form of how my own life has changed from my younger days which the boys could relate to better. They are just in their mid 20s so are still enjoying socialising which I know seems fun at their time in life.

We all played reasonably well despite the mixed weather and going into the back 9 all of us were under par. It’s always a really good test playing alongside quality players and keeping pace with them was really encouraging. I now feel my game is ready to challenge on the Tartan Tour which can only be positive for my work with Logos.

Heading down the last few holes it was clear that the guys were really pushing for more birdies and this is where I probably tried to protect what I had. Either way can work depending on the circumstances, but I was probably a bit over cautious and it made the difference between a top 10 and top 5 finish. Still a decent showing among a strong field of players but I know this can be improved. It’s always a good sign when your disappointed with a score in the 60s, but I could have been at least a couple of shots better.

Heading home, I began to think of my next event at Deer Park which is a venue that I normally play well at. I really pray for some good conversations at this event which will not only lead to more Professionals attending the Pro-Am, but to prompt those to ask me questions that they want to without feeling restricted.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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