Mini Tour Event at Ladybank – 19/4

This proved a really encouraging event and came on the back off a positive encounter in the Alliance meeting at Irvine three days before.

Just before we teed off at Irvine, I bumped into another fellow professional. He was already booked to play with some other guys or he would have joined us, but we had a good chat on the putting green and after I explained about our Logos Pro-Am  event at Archerfield this year he was more than happy to come along again as one of the pros. A really good guy to have on board and I was pleased that he wants to catch up soon on a one-to-one basis over a few holes before the event which is very positive.

Three days later at Ladybank, it was so nice to wake up to blue sky and sun and the forecast was for a decent temperature of 18 degrees which meant a great day for golf. We were playing the Open qualifying course of Ladybank, which is normally used when the Open is held at St. Andrews. A great course which is very tight but normally I play well round it despite the tree-lined fairways.

After some practise and breakfast, I started my game with a Challenge Tour player and a former European Tour winner. It really is a different level playing in one of these events, but great practice for the Tartan Tour. As we made our way from the 2nd Tee I got to explain to both the guys about my personal life and my role with Logos. They had known each other previously so they chatted quite a bit regarding golf but I managed to get in there a few times and the Challenge Tour player especially asked my how fostering impacted my life and how this related to my Logos role.

It gave me quite a good platform to go into more detail about my story and this is always a good way to get the message across effectively. The former European Tour winner is more of a talker so it was interesting listening to some of the stories he had about being on tour and I think this is just an extension of his corporate work that keeps him busy, which he is very good at.

As we played in the perfect conditions for golf, the game seemed so different and a million miles away from waterproofs, tammy and cold winds. Playing in shorts sleeves just makes everything more relaxing and enjoyable and this is definitely the way golf should be played. As we reached the 11th hole we were all hovering around even par and although none of us were holing many putts we were striking it well. I made an error in shot selection at the 11th and the 16th holes which cost me a couple of shots, but apart from that I had played really well and hit probably the best shot of the round at the 18th which was a 190 yard 5 iron I had to draw round a tree which landed perfectly in the middle of the green. Despite not holing the long putt I knew then my game was in really good shape and these events have improved my confidence no end.

The Challenge Tour player was the best of us with 72 and I was only a couple of shots back but was pleased with the way I played. At lunch thee other player gave us some more stories of travelling and of some well known golfers from years gone by, but it would have been nice to share a bit more with him had he ventured there. The Challenge Tour player was definitely more open to it and I hope we can meet up again soon if his schedule allows. He is travelling around Europe over the next couple of months and I wished him well on his play while being away from home.

A really positive day all round and this always makes the drive home a little easier. Although my main aim is to make a difference, I still want to compete and I now feel I can with the new equipment. I know that through my golf I can make a difference and that more players will take notice of me the more competitive I am. I trust God will be with me all the way and pray for His guidance in months ahead for conversations both brief and extensive.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the ministry this year.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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