Deer Park 36 Hole Challenge – 21-22/5

I was really looking forward to playing this event due to the fact my game was in decent shape and out of all the venues across the country, this is the course I have performed best on over the years, even making a cheque last time out. My confidence was high and I felt that the only thing needed was to hole more putts so I made the decision to change my putter a few days before the event. In hindsight this was probably not the wisest decision.

On day 1 of the tournament I was paired with a younger player and an old boss and friend. As we got going in glorious sunshine, it was quite clear that the course had dried out a bit and was playing a bit firey. Balls were not stopping at all on the greens and it almost played like a links course. A completely different course to what we normally get and my old boss made a good point that this course probably plays easier when wet despite being a fairly long course.

It wasn’t till the start of the back 9 that I got to chat with the younger guy about the ministry but we had a good conversation about what I do walking down the long 11th fairway and at first he seemed a bit surprised about the role I was doing but then accepted it as I explained more. He is a young lad and I find more and more that young ones these days have much more on their minds than God and faith and this is a result of the constant bombardment of what the world tells us we need all the time.

My old boss, on the other hand, knows my story and the role I have but he does not go there at all. He has already agreed to come along to the Pro-Am in October and I hope this will eventually move things forward for him to talk to me about it more. I’ll keep praying.

As we played on, it was clear that my choice of putter was not the best decision of the week. With how firm the greens were it was very difficult to get the ball close to the hole and I was finding the longer putts hard to judge with the different stick. After hitting 13 greens in regulation I ended up taking 40 putts on the greens which effectively took me out of the tournament and left me very annoyed with myself as I didn’t hit the ball that bad. I just wanted to use the new putter and went with my gut instead of using my head. Never a good thing to do!

We had a quick drink before leaving and discovered that there were some high scores from some good players, which was probably a result of the firm conditions, but that just made me more frustrated because if I’d only used my old putter I know that I could have been sitting well inside the top half and made a decent finish on day 2. I knew what was required the next day.

I was out quite early on the second day and was playing with a couple of guys that have played with me several times at this course. Both of the boys know about the ministry and I have chatted to each of them on separate occasions at Deer Park so it was nice to consolidate the previous conversations.  Right away, one of them asked me about the Logos Pro-Am this year and even said he is looking to bring a team to it which was great. Not even off the 1st tee and a great chat before we played which really encouraged me.

With the old putter now back in the bag I felt more comfortable and I was more at ease on the greens from the off. Distance control was far better and I didn’t feel that apprehensive way on the longer putts like the day before. We all played fairly consistently and chatted quite a bit for most of the round which gave me the chance to go into a bit more detail about my role with the more inquisitive guy especially. This resulted in us swapping details so that he can be kept up to date with the Logos Pro-Am and it will be an added bonus if he can bring a team along.

Despite being disappointed with the way I played myself out of the tournament, I was pleased with the overall event and the additional results that came from it. I know I am not far away from playing really well and just need to make better choices both before and during the round. A decent second round was the result of the right choice of putter and a 7-shot improvement, but even 33 putts is still too many. There’s more work to be done in that department and still more seeds to be sown as well as cultivation.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and for the right people to be drawn to the Logos Pro-Am this year.

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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