The trip to Prague provided much encouragement during a few days at the European Tour’s Czech Masters event. It took place at the Albatross Golf Resort about 20 minutes in the car from the city centre. A very dry, parkland course sprinkled with some fetching man-made water hazards.

Being one of the more routine, smaller events on the schedule, the set-up at the Czech Masters was compact compared to The Open or Wentworth, for example, yet this can often have its benefits when it comes to access and a relaxed atmosphere.

Soon after landing in Prague on the Tuesday night, I met with a Christian golfer and his wife/caddie for dinner. He normally plays on the Asian Tour, so it had been a few months since I’d had the chance to see them, even though we are in contact through messaging quite regularly. It was a great couple of hours of fellowship over a meal. They are so sincere about their faith and it’s encouraging to see the way God is clearly part of their journey together.

Four players, a caddie, a coach and a player’s fiancé joined me at lunchtime on Wednesday for a Bible study at the golf course. It was warm enough for the eight of us to sit outside over coffee and read Luke 5 v 1-11 together, then reflect and discuss on what we could learn from that first encounter between Simon (Peter) and Jesus. One of the many things we talked about was how in golfing or evangelistic terms, there might over be times when we feel the work put in is not yielding the results we crave, yet Jesus asks us to “let down the nets again”! He’s right; we should!

The coach who joined us is a mature, committed American Christian who normally frequents the PGA Tour in the USA. He was a great encouragement to us all in various ways.

On Wednesday evening, God worked in a way only He can. Circumstances unfolded in an unexpected manner, resulting in me sharing a car journey back to the city centre with a European Tour golfer who I had never previously had the chance to properly talk to. He was interested in my role and by the end of the conversation he himself asked if he can join us when I meet with the other Christian players in a couple of weeks time at the KLM Open in the Netherlands. It’s not exactly clear where he stands in terms of his faith, but this is so encouraging. He is such a pleasant guy to talk to, so please pray his interest in discovering more remains until then.

Over and above those main highlights described, please be heartened to know that there are several more interactions with people – some just very brief ones – that I trust help establish and build relationships on the European Tour.

I have two weeks of family/church/work commitments back in Glasgow now before a double-header at the KLM Open and the Portugal Masters in September.

Please let me express my genuine thanks again for your support.

Bye for now, Kenny

Kenny Crawford, Logos Golf Ministries Chaplain to the European Tour.  You can follow Kenny on Twitter here.


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