Deer Park Masters – 31/7 & 1/8

This is one of the better events of the year due to the location and the hospitality that’s put on over the two days. It’s almost worth qualifying just for the food and always a pleasure to return to Deer Park for this order of merit event.

Our team of four started at the 17th hole which is not too far from the clubhouse and it was a pleasant surprise to see one of them who used to be a member of Westerwood many years ago.

We got off to a good start right away and I did manage to briefly chat to one of the players regarding my role and the Logos Pro-Am before and after teeing off. I still felt my movement was not where it should have been after my last outing here but I was getting away with it and the guys were good to play with due to the relaxed nature of the group.

After a few 3 putts I managed to keep things going till the back 9 but definitely not feeling 100%. The team were doing great and Ian especially pulled off some great shots in the middle of the round to set us up for a good finish. Two of the other players chatted to me more regarding my role as foster carer but I’m always happy to share anything about my life for those willing to listen.

Over the last few holes I could sense the guys were flagging so gave them all a target for 3 birdies for the last 3 holes. This gave us a bit of a lift and everyone gave it one last charge which resulted in exactly that. A true team performance and a score that would not be beaten that morning. We finished winners and that allowed us to enjoy lunch even more and also gave a special mention for Logos at the prizegiving!

As we sat there chatting about the day, I was pleased to have helped the guys to a winning score and especially surprised by one of them sending me an email that night saying how much he enjoyed the day and also my Logos reports! Great to hear.

I had mentioned to my wife the next morning that I was still not feeling right and it wasn’t just the movement I was talking about. I wasn’t sure if I was coming down with something but you probably know the feeling that you cant quite put your finger on it, just something a bit off.

Nevertheless, I made my way to the course for day two and as I was sitting just about halfway in the field I thought a good round could maybe get me a top 10 finish. Hitting balls felt ok and putting felt ok but I knew in my mind the focus was slightly off.

I sat with a few of my fellow pros for lunch and we spoke about Jarrod Lyle’s cancer situation which is not going to end well. I gave the opinion that at least his family would get the chance to say goodbye to him and I got some funny looks with one guy saying “You’re supposed to make people feel better Vin”. I was trying to convey that loss sometimes can be worse if it’s sudden and at least the family can prepare. Not sure they all agreed.

As I met my team at the 14th tee I got the chance to share with them about my work, but in mid conversation one of them stopped me a said, ‘Oh we don’t need the full story’. This really bothered me as I’ve always been quite respectful if someone is talking but I quickly finished what I was saying and we started.

Quite early on I was struggling a bit and no matter what I tried it just wasn’t working. I was still striking the ball ok but it was offline enough to be a problem. One of the players chatted to me a bit regarding his experience of adopting a child and how he found the experience very drawn out. He was almost at the stage of giving up on it but then they got their newborn after nearly two years. So often we are ready to give up on what life throws at us but just another example to keeping going to achieve the goal.

I kept going myself during the second round despite not feeling great and now my neck movement began to become very stiff. I kept going for the guys in the team and now half way through the back 9 the rain started coming down which just summed up the day. On the last hole I hit my drive over the trees on the right but thought there would have been plenty of room to play from. As I got down there I realised my ball must have caught the top of the trees and went out of bounds. As the rain became stronger I made the decision not to go back to hit another as this was the last hole and I was about 10-over for the round so not going to make any difference to the outcome. A bit of a contrast from the previous day, but just life in general at its best.

After a good showing at the event last year, I was very disappointed but nothing much you can do when you’re not firing on all cylinders. The strange thing about it was I went out the next day and hit the ball great in practise with no adverse affects. No point in dwelling on the past and I now look to the next event which I will do everything I can to get back on track.

Please pray for the future of the ministry and for those mentioned in this report,

In His service,


Vincent Brown, PGA Professional on the Tartan Tour
Vincent Brown, Logos Golf Ministries Ambassador to the Tartan Tour
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