36 Hole Challenge at Musselburgh – 4th & 5th September

I’ve always enjoyed playing Musselburgh and this is probably one of the unsung gems of the east coast that gets lost within the names of Gullane, Muirfield and North Berwick, to name just a few. A previous Open qualifying course that is probably the fairest test of golf you will find and it has such a variety of holes where no two are the same. What you see is exactly what you get and made all the better with the blue sky overhead.

As I finished practising and headed to the tee I met my playing partners. I had recently played with one of my partners at the Scottish Open qualifying with not much conversation so was hoping for a bit more this time. The first few holes were promising with both guys chatting about their season so far and I tried to throw in a line about the ministry but didn’t really get an bites as such. As we continued through to the back 9 both boys had a couple of struggles, especially one who got a bit annoyed a couple of times but managed to keep calm enough to get through it without damaging anything. I remember so often when younger snapping the odd shaft due to frustration which really does not solve anything apart from cost money and stress you out. Now I always try to stay ‘flatline’ no matter if I make a bogey, par or birdie. It keeps everything more consistent and you feel better no matter what. As we neared the end of the round I chatted a little bit more to my partner regarding his journey as he came from the other side of the country and how it must be challenging having to travel so far for every event. I mentioned how we are having Logos events at different locations to make it easier for certain people to attend and I think he got the idea without enquiring too much more.

After not playing my best on the first day I decided to go home and hit some balls and realised that I was not getting to the correct position at the top of the swing. I’d been getting a bit cramped in my backswing and knew I needed to work on some mechanics before the next day or else I would be struggling again. I really wanted to post a sub par round for some confidence going into the last part of the season and feel it’s overdue. After having a decent session I was walking down the path from the practice ground and rolled my ankle on a tree root which did not feel good. After a few minutes I walked it off and it didn’t seem that bad at the time so just left it till morning. That didn’t help as I woke up to find my foot slightly swollen and tight the next day.

I wasn’t even thinking about withdrawing from the event as I could still walk about and thought if I kept moving it then it should be ok for the round. I got in the car and drove to Musselburgh fully expecting to play the second round. Hitting balls felt ok but I was struggling to make the full turn I normally make which didn’t help. I still thought I could get it round and after a few moments I decided to give it a go. I was playing with a partner from Prestwick and Edinburgh and this was one of the reasons I wanted to come as I knew I was playing with them. The moment we met up at the putting green we got chatting about the ministry and the ProAm. It was a really good chat and he even offered to try and get some ladies teams involved which was a great encouragement. As we teed off and made our way down the first few holes I knew right away that I probably shouldn’t have played but kept going anyway. I lasted 6 holes before I had to retire and I could feel my ankle had swollen up a bit more. After apologising to the boys for having to leave, he reminded me to contact him with all the details so he could forward this on. Really frustrating to not finish the round but I probably shouldn’t have started it in the first place and disappointing not being able to complete the tournament. I was pleased if only to come and catch up with Neil and it was worth the effort, but looks like a week of rest on the ankle and then I’ll see how it is for Prestwick St. Nicholas in a couple of weeks.

Please pray for those mentioned in this report and the Logos ProAm.

In his service,


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