36 Hole Challenge at Prestwick – 18th & 19th September

If this event had been just a few days earlier I don’t think my ankle would have been up to it as there was still a bit of swelling from my last outing at Musselburgh. Thankfully, I rested it as much as I could despite the jobs of every day life, and made the decision to play after finally getting to hit some balls the weekend before the event. Not the best preparation but I felt it important to attend this one even though Storm Ali was set to hit the west coast on those very days!

I was playing with fellow pros I’ve played with before so it was nice to have a group that may give me another opportunity to share and that proved the case. A very windy start proved difficult to settle into a rythmn and this was especially evident on the greens. I  was not hitting the ball badly but I was struggling with the short game due to lack of play and the strong winds. This day however was not about my game and I knew this travelling down. I just felt I needed to be there knowing I probably wouldn’t play that well.

One partner I was playing with is normally not noted for chatting that much but I was surprised when he finally enquired more regarding what I do. This has been a long time coming and after quite a few times playing with each other I got to give him the full rundown about my role, faith and the Logos ProAm on the 8th hole. A really positive chat and worth coming down for. Shortly afterwards he then got his bit in about definitely having a slot in the ProAm which I suppose is good due to the fact that he came last year and still wants to be involved again. We did get into a conversation about how people can offend others with what they say and do and he commented that people need to be careful around me especially because of my beliefs which at first I wasn’t quite sure what he meant but then understood. I then responded by saying that I am not offended by anything anyone might say against Christianity as it’s not me they are offending. I think I got my point across.

The boys were playing well despite the increasingly strong winds and he especially putted really well. I on the other hand did not and had far too many 3 putts on the back 9 due to lack of confidence on the greens and what I call a ‘cloudy head’. This makes it very difficult to focus and all the negatives tend to get exaggerated in difficult conditions. I would probably put this down as one of the worst rounds of the season but I kept going without getting annoyed as there was a greater purpose here. I know I will get to where I need to and I trust what I have been working on but can’t really expect much when I haven’t been able to put much in over the past couple of weeks. (Definitely thinking about a putting lesson though to give me more focus on the greens after the last month or so.)

After finishing I sat in the locker room and felt as though I had just been battered by a heavyweight for quite a number of rounds. I could’ve felt sorry for myself but I refused to do that because it serves no purpose, and the only sensible thing to do is to make a plan going forward and I had already started to form one in my mind before leaving for home. Just before I left I went to the shop to say hello to a friend and we had a good chat about the difficulty of the day but he also asked about how the ProAm was shaping up. This gave me a good opportunity to share about how we were still a bit short on ladies teams so he then kindly offered to see if any of the ladies at Prestwick would be interested with him being the team Pro. Great timing and continually praying for these kind of conversations to come to fruition.

We wished each other well and I left Prestwick quite pleased despite my worst round for some time. Everyone was saying that the full brunt of the storm was due to hit the following day so looked highly unlikely we would get to play the second round on Wednesday. That proved correct and for the first time I’ve ever known, the PGA cancelled the 2nd round the night before. I think the weather warnings had something to do with that and no point in forcing people to travel when there could be a risk to life. It’s not often common sense prevails these days but glad to see it.

There are more important things than golf but I will return from my injuries stronger and become the witness God needs me to be on the Tartan Tour. Please pray for the right teams to come into the frame for the remaining ProAm slots and for an increased Logos presence in Scotland 

In his service,


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